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Hybrid Pianos

What is a hybrid piano, and which are the best hybrid pianos for musicians?  How are they different to digital pianos?  Read on to find out why a hybrid from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, and supplied by Richard Lawson Pianos, might just be the perfect choice of instrument for you.

‘Hybrid’ has become something of a buzzword recently, and has been used to describe everything from cars and bicycles to clothing and bedding.  In fact, the word can be used of any item which has been created using components from two or more different sources.  The world of music is no stranger to hybrids, with many popular examples of instruments which have been invented by mixing two existing concepts – for example, the first electric bass was the result of a guitar manufacturer wishing to create a more portable alternative to the double bass.

While visually most modern pianos remain little changed from traditional designs, the fact is that technology has made its mark here too, initially with the electric pianos which first became popular in the 1950s.  Since then, manufacturers and inventors have never stopped trying to capture the essence of an acoustic piano in a more technological package, with varying degrees of success.  Some of these innovations have become respected instruments in their own right, but for most aspiring and accomplished pianists, the role of technology should be to enhance the characteristics of the piano, rather than redefine them.  These are the events which led to the development, first of digital pianos, and now hybrid pianos.

What refinements can technology offer in the case of the piano?  By generating sound artificially, digital pianos do away with the bulky, heavy piano internals including the strings.  Replacing these with a digital sound module and speakers makes for a lighter, more compact instrument which never goes out of tune.  It also makes it much more convenient to add such high-tech features as built-in recording and different voices.  All this has been achieved at the expense of the physical presence and ‘feel’ that is typical of the acoustic piano, which for some players made it a step too far.

Therefore, it became apparent that there was a market for products which retains the above advantages, but looks and feels like a traditional piano.  And thus, the concept of the hybrid piano was created.  Engineers researched what factors affected the playing experience of acoustic pianos, and incorporated them into the new designs.  For example, acoustic piano actions with full length keys give the musician the same subtle control over each note as with high quality traditional instruments.

Best of all, our hybrid models come from some of the world’s most respected and established manufacturers.  A Yamaha hybrid piano, such as the AvantGrand range, will boast a level of refinement befitting the world’s most prolific piano maker.  And a Kawai hybrid piano from the Novus range will prove every bit as exquisite as the company’s acoustic models.  In fact, our goal is to provide our customers with access to the most highly recommended hybrid pianos available anywhere.

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