All About The Steinway Model B

Here at Richard Lawson Pianos, we deal with only the best in the business when it comes to models of pianos. Today we are shining the spotlight on the brand Steinway’s Model B pianos, and we will tell you more about the brand, and the two different Steinway Model B pianos we currently have in stock.

Steinway Brand

Steinway & Sons is to be founded by craftspeople who were train in the European tradition, the best way being individually rather than mass produced. They are formed from skills passed down through multiple generations, built one at a time, with each grand piano earning their price tag, taking the best part of a year to manufacture. We take our time to create each part, selecting the best woods for the rims, tops, soundboards and actions, which are cured for months in Steinway yard kilns and conditioning rooms in order to stabilise at our rigidly specified moisture content.

Steinway History

Before the Steinway and Sons company was founded, it was Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg who built his first piano in his home kitchen in Germany in 1836. By the end of the decade in 1846, a total of 482 pianos had been made. Emigrating to the USA in 1850, the family change their name to the more anglicised form of Steinway, which is how it becomes the name of the company we know today. By 1855, the company is recognised for its excellent quality of pianos at the ‘American Institute Fair’ at the New York Crystal Palace. Since this moment, the company see much more success and growth to an international level. Professionally-minded, the pianos made by Steinway still today are a firm favourite of concert pianists. Showrooms can be found all over the wide, in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hamburg, San Francisco, New York, and London.

Steinway Model B 1990

The first Steinway Model B piano that we currently stock is from 1990. This model was made in Hamburg, in Germany and has only seen light domestic use from one previous owner. It would be well-suited to both professionals and student piano players, sure to function well for decades to come. IT boasts three pedals, with the middle pedal providing you with full sostenuto. Whilst a new piano like this would cost over £100,000, we offer it from our website second-hand for just £47,996, which is under half the price. Enjoy its wonderful, clear sound, with powerful bass and bell-like treble, with a 113-point check to make sure that it is as good as built in the factory it came from.

Steinway Model B 1997

The second Steinway Model B piano that we currently stock is dated as being from 1997. This model also originated from Hamburg, but seven years later. Similarly, it has only experienced light domestic use from one previous owner. It benefits from the same advantages as the 1990 model, but being a newer model, it is priced at slightly more, but still nearly half of the original price point, costing £54,995.

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