Our CA Series Products

Kawai digital pianos are renowned for their capacity to replicate the playing feel and sound of premium grand pianos and other instruments while maintaining the compactness, convenience and affordability of this type of product.

The Concert Artist (CA) range of models achieves this by combining precision mechanical components with the latest digital technology. The action found in these instruments – including the keys, pivots, and hammers – are all set up just as they would be in an acoustic piano, making for a uniquely realistic feel. At the same time, electronic sensors and sound engines are used to recreate the tones of some of the most iconic instruments in the world. What is more, the digital nature of these pianos mean that many aspects of both the sound and playability are adjustable in ways which would be impossible on a traditional mechanical piano.

The CA range comprises four models, some of the features of which are detailed below. For a complete list of features, and to enquire about availability, please contact Richard Lawson Pianos.

Concert Artist CA48 Digital Piano
The Kawai CA48 digital piano is the entry-level model in the CA range, but it should never be presumed that this means it is a compromise in terms of quality. Harmonic Imaging technology has been used to sample the sounds of the flagship Shigeru Kawai grand pianos along with other models, and these sounds are incorporated into the CA48 digital piano. Also included are built-in lessons for students, and a mode which splits the keyboard into two 44-key sections for those who prefer to learn from a human tutor.

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