Irmler SP125 Upright


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  • Height: 125 cm
  • Width: 151 cm
  • Depth: 63 cm
  • 5 Year Warranty

Detailed Description

Designed by Blüthner, the SP125, SP standing for Supreme, indulges the player with a smooth, flowing action, a warm, rich sound and expressive tonal transparency across the scale. The long-standing experience in traditional piano craftsmanship paired with German components ensures exceptional quality, low maintenance costs as well as remarkable tonal and mechanical qualities. At 125cm (4’1”) tall with an elegant, polished ebony finish and eye-catching chrome fittings the attention to detail is superb, giving the SP125 the presence and beauty associated with the Blüthner name.

This model is available in black finish only.

Irmler Pianos

Irmler pianos are produced under the watchful eye of the Blüthner family and each instrument undergoes stringent quality checks before it leaves the factory in Germany.

Earmarked as an entry-level brand to the world of Blüthner with excellent tonal, aesthetic and mechanic qualities, the Irmler range offers advantageous value at a very attractive price point. All Irmler models are also available as silent pianos allowing the player to practice in private with headphones whilst maintaining the precision of an acoustic piano.

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