Looking for a piano that offers the best of the best? Then take a closer look at Steinway.

As a high-end piano manufacturer, Steinway is largely regarded as the gold standard of pianos. A brand backed by more than 160 years of skilled craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to expression and sound quality… if you’re looking for something that little bit special, then a Steinway piano is it.

Why choose Steinway?

From humble beginnings back in 1836 – when the German piano maker, Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, built the first piano in the kitchen of his home – through to the global domination of the present day, Steinway offers a visual and audio delight.

Famed for their complex tonal quality, whether you’re looking for a grand, baby grand or an upright model, Steinway produces them all with the same unwavering dedication to excellence.

Preloved Steinways

Dream of owning a Steinway but concerned about the cost? Then why not go for a pre-owned model?

Fully refurbished, a pre-loved Steinway is a fantastic way to own a piano of this calibre, with the history of its past life only adding to its charm.


Buy a Steinway piano

As with all the pianos we offer here at Richard Lawson Pianos, all of our used instruments are backed by the same excellent 5-year guarantee.

Why not make an appointment to visit our showroom and experience the splendour of playing a Steinway piano for yourself? Our experienced team will be on hand to offer any expertise or guidance you may require, to ensure you find the right model for you.

Can’t wait? You can also browse the collection below and purchase your piano right now or get in touch to speak directly with a member of the team.

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Technical Specification
  • Steinway Model V Upright

    Steinway Model V Upright, 25 Years Old

  • Steinway Model O Grand, Recently Refurbished

    Steinway Model O Grand, Recently Refurbished

  • Steinway Model O'Grand in Fiddleback Mahogony

    Steinway Model O Grand in Fiddleback Mahogany, Made Around 1970

  • Steinway Grand Piano for Sale

    Steinway Model B Grand, 2017

  • Steinway Model B Grand

    Steinway Model B Grand, 1986 (Refurbished)

  • Steinway Model B Grand 1984 Refurbished

    Steinway Model B Grand, 1984 (Refurbished)

  • Preowned Boston Steinway 126 PE Manufactured 2018

    Preowned Boston Steinway 126 PE, Manufactured 2018

  • Essex Steinway EUP-123 c.2005

    Essex Steinway EUP-123 c.2005

  • Boston Steinway GP178 in Polished Mahogany, 2000


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