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When a master craftsman produces his finest work, it is not unusual that he should name it after himself. After all, this is the culmination of all his efforts, that for which he hopes to be remembered. Shigeru Kawai was no exception.

Son of a master piano builder (and apprentice of Torakusu Yamaha) Koichi Kawai, Shigeru believed in his father’s principle of making every piece the best it could possibly be. After decades in pursuit of perfection, Shigeru Kawai produced his tour de force in 2000. Like the Ferrari sports car company around the same time, Kawai was so proud of what he had created that he decided to brand it with his full name. Shigeru Kawai products are the finest models Kawai have to offer, and if you’ve ever played a Kawai piano of any model you’ll realise just what a statement that is. The Shigeru Kawai SK2 and Shigeru Kawai SK5 are available from our showroom in Rickmansworth.

If you love the tone of a finely crafted piano, be sure to find a Shigeru Kawai for sale before settling for any other model. The attention to detail in these instruments really is second to none, and the combination of traditional and cutting edge materials mean they offer performance which can surprise even the most seasoned player. Discerning enthusiasts have been so enticed by this model that it can sometimes be difficult to find a Shigeru Kawai piano for sale locally, so a trip to our showroom is a must.

A beautiful musical instrument is purchased with the heart, not the head, and when you hear the haunting sound of a Shigeru Kawai, price is irrelevant. In the case of a mature product like a piano, marginal improvements come only as a result of unstinting determination. For those who understand that a Kawai Shigeru for sale represents a triumph of resolve, the pinnacle of an ancient and noble craft.

Shigeru Kawai passed away in 2006, leaving a legacy which will be treasured for generations. These pianos are his eulogy.

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