Yamaha U3 Pianos

Looking for affordable excellence? Then say hello to the Yamaha U3 Upright Piano.

One of Yamaha’s most popular models, the U3 is a truly fantastic and versatile instrument. Combining all of the usual skill, craftsmanship and musical brilliance expected from the Yamaha brand, the U3 delivers an upright piano with a taller frame, when compared to the Yamaha U1, which allows for longer strings and a larger soundboard.

The result? A rich and colourful sound with lots of depth, which will delight every type of player – regardless of where they’re at in their musical career.

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Technical Specification
  • Yamaha YU3S Silent Upright, 1999 (Refurbished)

  • Yamaha U3 Polished White

    Yamaha U3S Upright in Polished White

  • Yamaha Y3S

    Yamaha U3S Upright in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha U3 SH2

    Yamaha U3S TA3 TransAcoustic Upright in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha U3 SH2

    Yamaha U3S SH3 Silent Upright in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha U3H mid 1970's

    Yamaha U3H, mid-1970’s (Refurbished by Yamaha)

  • Yamaha U3H

    Yamaha U3H Upright, mid-1970’s (Refurbished)

  • Yamaha U3E White Finish

    Yamaha U3H Upright in Polished White, mid-1970’s (Refurbished)

  • Yamaha U3H Silent

    Yamaha U3H Silent Upright, mid 1970’s (Refurbished)

  • Yamaha U3G

    Yamaha U3G Upright, early 1970’s (Refurbished)

  • Yamaha U3FS

    Yamaha U3FS Upright, mid 1990’s (Refurbished)

  • Yamaha U3F

    Yamaha U3F Upright, early 1970’s (Refurbished)


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