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Technical Specification
  • Kawai NV10S Hybrid

    Kawai NV10S Digital Hybrid Piano in Polished Ebony

  • Kawai NV5S Hybrid

    Kawai Novus NV5S Digital Hybrid Piano in Polished Ebony

  • Kawai KG-2C Grand, around 1980

  • Kawai KDP 75 in Satin White

    Kawai KDP75 Digital Piano in Satin White

  • Kawai KDP 75 Satin Black Finish

    Kawai KDP75 Digital Piano in Satin Black

  • KDP 120 White

    Kawai KDP120 Digital Piano in Satin White

  • Kawai KDP 120 B

    Kawai KDP120 Digital Piano in Satin Black

  • KDP 120 Rosewood

    Kawai KDP120 Digital Piano in Premium Rosewood

  • Kawai K800 AS

    Kawai K800 AS Upright in Polished Ebony

  • Kawai K700

    Kawai K700 Upright in Polished Ebony

  • Kawai K600 EP

    Kawai K600 Upright in Polished Ebony

  • Kawai K600 EP

    Kawai K600 AS Upright in Polished Ebony


Kawai Pianos for everyone.

Kawai Pianos

Kawai Pianos

Looking for a piano that honours its history yet harnesses innovation? Then a Kawai piano could be just what you’re looking for.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with modern craftsmanship, Kawai is highly regarded in the music industry. With an exceptional portfolio, Kawai pianos represent some of the finest instruments available on the market today and offer excellent value for money.

Kawai acoustic pianos, grand pianos and digital pianos all feature in the comprehensive collection. So whether it’s a silent piano for convenient ‘anytime’ rehearsals and private playing or an instrument capable of filling concert halls, Koichi Kawai’s never ending quest for excellence has resulted in pianos for all players, abilities and budgets.

Here at Richard Lawson Pianos, we are proud Kawai dealers and we aim to provide the very best Kawai pianos to our customers, whether you’re an experienced player searching for a top-of-the-range model or just starting out.

Kawai pianos for sale

Need a hand deciding which is the right Kawai piano for you? Why not talk to our friendly team of experts? We’ll happily chat through your requirements and use our vast experience to help you find the right piano for your needs.

Call 01967 725 209 or use our online system to book a visit to our piano showroom and experience our Kawai pianos first-hand before you buy.

The Kawai collection

With a varied range of pianos available, many professional pianists rely on Kawai – but that’s not to say they don’t make a great instrument for new players too!

We stock an exceptional range of Kawai pianos, from the smallest 108cm upright pianos to top-of-the-range hand-finished 229cm long grands.

We also have an extensive inventory of Kawai digital pianos. These are equipped with a range of hi-tech features such as USB digital audio and soundboard speaker systems, making them ideal for family entertainment or for discerning pianists looking to refine their craft.

Kawai digital pianos are ideal if you’re searching for flexibility without compromising on sound quality. Allowing you to record and save your work, use headphones, play silently and access hundreds of alternative sounds. These are intuitive instruments that bring a world of musical possibilities to your fingertips.

Founder of this esteemed brand, Japan born Koichi Kawai, dreamed of one day creating the finest piano and if you’re searching for the ultimate in craftsmanship and musicality, there is surely no finer instrument than the Shigeru Kawai EX concert piano.

As the pinnacle of the Kawai portfolio, fewer than twenty one of these exceptional instruments are crafted each year – and we’re delighted to be one of the few dealers to be able to offer such an incredible instrument.

Shop online or get in touch to find out more.

Buy a Kawai piano

Not only do we bring you a great range of brand-new Kawai pianos at Richard Lawson Pianos, but we also have fully refurbished used Kawai available to buy. Costing a fraction of the price of a brand-new Kawai piano while still offering perfect playability for another 50 to 60 years, these used Kawai pianos can often be a more pocket-friendly choice if you’re on a budget.

Don’t forget, we are also part of the ‘Take it away’ scheme designed to support musicians by offering interest-free loans. To find out more visit our piano finance options page.

View the collection

With something to suit everyone from beginners to professionals alike, take a look at our extensive range of Kawai pianos.

You can focus your search by using the filter – for example, only Kawai upright pianos or Kawai grand pianos are shown. You can even take your search a step further by including technical specifications such as silent or TransAcoustic.

Shop online now, or for more assistance and to try out the different models of the Kawai range and experience the intricate nuances of touch and tone between instruments, why not make an appointment to visit our showroom?

Why choose a Kawai piano?

It would be quicker to ask why not to choose a Kawai piano as there’s much to love about this popular piano brand.

With a strong focus on development, Kawai is never content with sitting still. Instead, they are in constant pursuit of excellence, pushing innovation and harnessing the latest technological advances – making it no surprise they are market leaders.

Nearly 100 years in the making, Kawai has initiated many of the industry’s key developments, proving that it’s possible to embrace change whilst still remaining faithful to your history.

If you’re looking for a competitively priced piano that embodies timeless craftsmanship and innovation without ever compromising on quality or sound, then a Kawai piano is it.

Are Kawai digital pianos any good?


Kawai is an iconic brand. Regardless of the model you go for – digital pianos, upright pianos or otherwise – with a Kawai you can be confident you’re making a great investment. As a manufacturer that manages to successfully harness innovation whilst remaining true to traditional practices, any piano from Kawai represents quality and musical finesse.

Famed for embracing technology, Kawai was the first to create a digital piano with wooden keys to realistically replicate an acoustic piano – and they remain market leaders. Their collection ranges from the practical and affordable KDP series to the DG series – a digital piano with the look and feel of a baby grand. If you want it all, then a Kawai will deliver.

If you’d like to know more about Kawai digital pianos, chat with the team on 01923 720 974 or book a visit to our showroom to try them out for yourself.

Are Kawai pianos expensive?

Kawai is a competitively priced manufacturer, making their pianos a popular choice.

Kawai offers a vast collection of pianos covering digital options and upright pianos through to highly distinguished grands. The result of such an extensive portfolio means that you’re guaranteed to be able to find a Kawai piano to suit your budget.

As a guide, the typical asking price for a basic Kawai upright starts from £3,000. A grand Kawai piano starts from £8,000, and you can pick up an impressive digital Kawai for as little as £1,000.

At Richard Lawson Pianos, we pride ourselves on offering fair and competitive pricing. By shopping with us, you can always be confident of excellent value for money.

For help finding the right Kawai at the right price, get in touch. We’d love to help.

Where are Kawai pianos made?

Virtually all of Kawai’s acoustic grand pianos and uprights are still made in Japan, the original homeland of the brand’s founder, Koichi Kawai.

The world-renowned Ryuyo factory is home to some of the most advanced facilities for piano manufacturing.

Only a handful of instruments are made in their sister factory in Indonesia – including digital models, the GL-10 baby grand, and some Kawai upright pianos.

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