Steinway Grand Pianos

If you want a grand piano and you’re interested in accessing the peak of quality and beauty, you should know that investing in one of our Steinway Grand Pianos will be the key to accessing superb sound, master craftsmanship and the highest level of touch sensitivity. A Steinway Grand Piano is a work of art. For over one hundred and sixty years, Steinway’s master technicians have been creating these exceptional musical instruments, which are favourites of the world’s premier pianists.

We are proud to offer Steinway Grand Piano prices which are very competitive. We offer the best prices in order to make Steinway Grand Piano cost more affordable for our customers. As well, we offer used Steinway Grand Piano designs, with a mind to helping more people access these coveted instruments.

When you put a Steinway grand piano in your home, you’ll marvel at its beauty each and every day. When you play it, you’ll love the way that it supports expression and artistry. If you want a piano which is truly incomparable, you owe it yourself to learn more about Steinway Grand Pianos. Our experts are standing by in order to give you the information and guidance that you need.

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Technical Specification
  • Steinway Model O Grand, 2005

  • Steinway Model O'Grand in Fiddleback Mahogony

    Steinway Model O Grand in Fiddleback Mahogany, Made Around 1970

  • Steinway Grand Piano for Sale

    Steinway Model B Grand, 2017

  • Steinway Model B Grand

    Steinway Model B Grand, 1986 (Refurbished)

  • Steinway Model B Grand 1984 Refurbished

    Steinway Model B Grand, 1984 (Refurbished)

  • Boston Steinway GP178 in Polished Mahogany, 2000


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