Grand Pianos

Does anything exude elegance quite like a grand piano?

Epitomising all that is great with this divine musical instrument, grand pianos are largely regarded as the hallmark of piano excellence. With its striking, iconic structure, the grand piano certainly lives up to its name – offering unrivalled musical expression and technical sophistication like no other.

As experienced piano suppliers, here at Richard Lawson Pianos, we are excited to offer a wide collection of grand pianos – all at great prices – from leading manufacturers, including world-renowned Yamaha and Steinway. Check out the range below and discover your new grand piano today.

What is a grand piano?

The grand piano is in a sense the purest of all piano models available on today’s market, retaining the original shape of the pianoforte.

The action of a grand piano is placed horizontally, meaning that the hammers rely on gravity alone to return to position. This offers more reliable note repetition, whilst also allowing for greater keyboard control and a wider range of musical expression – which is why a grand is frequently the favoured piano of professional players.

With their large soundboards and long strings, the sound of a grand piano is capable of a depth of tone and an array of colours which just isn’t possible with most uprights. With these instruments, it’s possible to access all of the nuances of character that even the most challenging music calls for.


Why choose a grand piano?

Grand pianos are often considered the original and the best. They do inarguably have a larger footprint than an upright piano, but since grand pianos are available in a range of sizes, they can nevertheless be accommodated in smaller settings, particularly where baby grands are concerned. And thanks to competitive rates, they no longer have an exclusive price point – which is why they can now be found away from the concert hall and enjoyed in the homes of professionals and amateurs (and fans of great style) alike.

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