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Looking for the ultimate ‘party piece’ piano? Then stop your search right here, at the Yamaha Disklavier piano.

Putting a whole new twist on the home entertainment system, these self-playing pianos, are a joy to behold – and play! Available in upright, grand and baby grand, why not take a closer look at our stunning Disklavier collection below?

What is a Yamaha Disklavier piano?

You’ve probably heard the name, but you can be forgiven for being a bit unsure what exactly a Yamaha Disklavier piano is – and what makes them different to any other piano model out there.

Allow us to explain. Fundamentally, the Disklavier is a traditional, acoustic piano but with a built-in recording and playback system.

The name ‘Disklavier’ comes from disk (as in ‘floppy disk’, as when Disklaviers were first introduced to the piano market this is how recordings were stored), combined with the German word for keyboard, ‘klavier’.

As technology has progressed, so too have the capabilities of the Disklavier, with more recent models offering even more advanced functions, allowing you to play and stream true piano sound and much, much more.


Why choose a Yamaha Disklavier piano?

Maximum functionality with minimum fuss, and a perfect fusion of music and visual art – that’s how Yamaha markets the Disklavier piano.

Most favoured for their ability to record and playback – mimicking the appearance of a ‘ghost’ pianist but offering all the sound and nuances of your own personal playing style – they are a hugely popular piano.

Quick and easy to set up, you can enjoy a stunning musical instrument and advanced entertainment system all in one. More recent models offer seamless integration with mobile devices, smartphones and computers giving you ultimate control right at your fingertips.

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