Tuning & Technical Expertise

Over 20 years experience

Our Technical Expertise

We have a team of in house technicians, tuners and craftsmen that can deal with every aspect of restoration and technical setup of both new, restored and older instruments.

Every team member has been trained to the very highest level and has a minimum of 20 years experience.

Our head technician trained at Steinway and Sons in London and Hamburg as well as various other piano makers.

In addition to that we have a U.K. wide network of experts to deal quickly with any of your piano requirements.

Tuning and Technical Expertise

Piano tuning in Hertfordshire, London & Nationwide

The piano has one of the sweetest and most evocative voices of any instrument. But over time even the most meticulously crafted piano will go out of tune, and the magic will be lost. To keep your instrument sounding its best it is important to find a reliable piano tuning service, and have your piano tuned every six to twelve months.

Tuning a piano is a lengthy and demanding process, as every string has to be tuned individually. Since notes in the middle and upper ranges are sounded by multiple strings, some pianos have up to 236 in total! By comparison, violin players only have four strings to tune, and guitarists, six.

Since we practice piano tuning in London and the surrounding areas, we occasionally have the privilege of servicing the instruments of well-known figures in the music industry, and you can be sure we will be just as meticulous in tuning your piano.

Providing a piano tuning service to dedicated and discerning musicians is not simply a case of adjusting the strings until they sound right to our ears. We set up each piano to continue to sound its best until its next service. Tuning hammers, tuning forks, mutes, and electronic tuners all have their parts to play.

Piano Tuning in Hertfordshire

Based in Rickmansworth, Richard Lawson Pianos Ltd have been serving musicians locally and further afield for over forty years. We supply instruments of all specifications to professionals, enthusiasts and educators as well as a piano moving service. For piano tuning in Hertfordshire and elsewhere please get in touch with us today.

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