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Richard Lawson Pianos have been involved in the Piano trade for four decades and bring a wealth of expertise to the Piano buying process. This experience ranges from the technical side of piano refurbishment and set up to a deep understanding of how that effects the sound and touch when the piano is played. We supply a wide range of pianos starting at £1295 moving up to Yamaha U1 and Yamaha U3 Upright Pianos all the way up to the Yamaha C3, Yamaha C5 and the Yamaha CF Concert Grand.

We also stock Steinway Grand and Steinway Upright Pianos. Our clients range from beginners up to International Concert Pianists. Some of our regular clients are well known and prefer the discreet service that we can offer if required.

Many schools and local authorities choose Richard Lawson Pianos as a trusted supplier who can be relied upon to offer 100% satisfaction and competitive prices. Thousands of Yamaha U3 and Yamaha U1 pianos have been sold by us over many Years.

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