Petrof Piano Models

Since the brand’s inception in 1864, Petrof pianos have been delighting piano enthusiasts and maestros with their expertly hand-crafted pianos from their family-run business. The company was founded by Antonín Petrof back in the 19th Century – with the business going from strength to strength as a household name ever since – which is why we’re so proud to supply their pianos here at Richard Lawson Pianos.

With a range of both grand and upright pianos on the market, Petrof appeal to a wide array of customers, explaining their wide client base. Harnessing a traditional European sound, the Petrof collection emulates the sounds of much more expensive instruments, allowing musicians with smaller budgets to benefit from higher quality sound.

Emitting sounds that evoke tenderness and a romantic edge, the Petrof collection is perfect for writing ballads and love songs on – or something a bit more melancholy! The sound lends itself to a beautiful singing voice, allowing you to make beautiful music straight off the bat from your piano purchase.

Tying together rich history and timelessness of design, the Petrof piano models will bring a heightened aesthetic to your home or practice space, as they are a beautiful to look at as they are to hear. Whether you’re looking for a new or used Petrof piano for sale, we have something to suit every budget and taste.

Contact us today to discuss the purchase of your own Petrof piano. We can invite you in to view and play the Petrof piano of your choice in our store – as it’s incredibly important to try out a piano before making the investment – then run you through the process of buying your new Petrof piano from us. If you’ve any queries, do not hesitate to either give us a call or leave us an email.

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