Petrof P237 ‘Monsoon’ Grand in Polished Ebony

The Monsoon grand boasts a refined, balanced sound, which is best suited to large music halls and recording studios. It has a characteristic romantic tone, and allows musicians complete scope for the expression of their feelings with its faultless action and speed of response. This is an instrument built by the best and most experienced masters of their craft. It represents the optimal balance between size and performance and makes for an impressive addition to a prestigious hotel or any other formal space.

  • Length: 237 cm
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Free delivery to UK Mainland ground floor
  • Complimentary first tuning
  • Price matching (terms and conditions apply)
  • 0% finance available, subject to terms and conditions

Detailed Description

The Master Series – The Acme Of Our Craft

The instruments in this series display the meticulous manual work of our highly experienced master pianomakers. An instrument of this sort normally takes 9-12 months to build and bears the names of the skilled pianomakers, the intoners and the tuners as well as the good name of the entire Petrof family. Pianos of the Master series are intended for use by professionals and in concert halls, where their romantic, soft and unusually rich tone tone will resound to best advantage. Dozens of experienced pianists, with their knowledge and close scrutiny, have contributed to the development of every instrument, and helped us to achieve even greater perfection.


Petrof is currently the largest producer of acoustic grand and upright pianos in Europe. It trades in 5 continents and exports to over 65 countries the world over. Since 1864, when Antonín Petrof built his first piano, they have produced under the PETROF name roughly 630,000 instruments and many others within the PETROF Brand Family. Their pianos are popular among musicians above all for their unusually soft, gentle, rounded and romantic tone. Over the decades of their production much has changed, but precise work by hand, careful selection of materials and the unchanging romantic sound endure. Countless famous performers and well-known personalities have fallen in love with PETROF instruments, and the representatives of the fifth generation proudly continue in their honorable trade and family tradition.

European Excellence

Today the whole musical world knows the top quality instruments from the Hradec Králové factory. For this very reason, PETROF has gained a host of awards – from the King George Medal of the London Exhibition, through the Grand Prix of Paris, Barcelona, and Brussels, to the title „Family Silver“, and Czech Goodwill 2015. All instruments are also marked with the seal of European Excellence, which attests the European origin and the quality of the construction materials.

Available With The Pianoforce Performance Self Player System

This new generation of the Pianoforce Performance Player system is compact and elegant, and it suits any kind of grand piano. Advantages of the system are an easy control, the ability to play the music from different resources, the possibility to store the music on the device’s internal memory, a simple handing, and wireless internet connection. The system can be handled with ease via your mobile phone using Wi-Fi. The Pianoforce Performance Player system is installed with sound speakers allowing you to enjoy your performance with a background.

The sound is formed mechanically, the same way a proper grand piano works during a performance, by hammers striking the strings. The composition is reproduced in a form of digital data. Dynamics are included, thanks to the electromagnets, which transfer the movement to the keyboard and to the action. The grand piano reproduces a realistic performance by hammers striking the strings and soundboard resonating. The result is indistinguishable from a living artist performance.

Supported media: • 500 performances in the memory included • CD and USB are supported • Multiple internet stores purchase of additional performances • PIANOFORCE RADIO – non-stop performance via internet radio (for a one-off fee).

The self player system is an optional add-on to all Petrof grand pianos.


Generous Part Exchanges Available

Get in touch with us if you have an existing digital or acoustic piano that you’d like to part exchange with us, and we’d be happy to let you know how much it could be worth.

Length 237 cm
Width 156.5 cm
Height 102.5 cm
Weight 521 kg
Sound Board Material Resonance spruce wood
Active Area of Soundboard(m²) 1,616
Ribs Number/Shape 14, asymetric
Soundboard Construction Diaphragmatic tapered by CNC shaper 9,5 – 7,5mm
Cast Iron Plate Wet sand casting
Surfacing of Iron Plate Light gold metallic paint, diamond effect
Pin Block Material Multiplex beech plywood, density 800 – 850 kg/m3
Inner Rim Material 12 laminas – beech, birch
Inner Rim Thickness 50 mm
Wooden Frame Posts 5 longitudinal + 1 cross
Descant Post Material Spruce
Cut Off Bar (Corner Cross Rib) Round shaped, multiple birch or beech
Outer Rim Material Birch plywood sandwich, inner veneer Ebony Makassar
Bridge – Treble Solid maple wood
Bridge – Bass Solid maple wood
Bridge Pins Steel – ground tips
Agraffes Material/Number Brass, 1-53
Duplexes – Front d2 – c5
Duplexes – Rear g1 – c5
Strings Material Steel wire Röslau Germany, copper winding Degen Germany
Hitching of Plain Strings Single
Dampers Number 1 – 69
Action Standard – RENNER ORIGINAL
Hammer Heads The highest quality hammerheads made in Germany, individually voiced
Keyboard Tangential sawn spruce wood, individually balanced with lead
Black Keys Ebony wood
Pedals Left – Unacorda (Piano) pedal, middle – Sostenuto (Prolongement) pedal, right – Sustein pedal
Legs and Castors Thick legs, big braked castors
Felts Colour Red + black
Hydraulic Slow Close Fallboard Mech. Yes

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