Silent Pianos

A silent piano? Now there’s an oxymoron if ever we heard one. But whilst it might sound like a contradiction in terms, don’t be too quick to dismiss the idea.

Silent pianos not only look stunning – taking on the traditional form of upright or grand pianos – they also offer acoustic perfection but with the highly desirable option of a ‘silent’ mode.

What is a silent piano?

Silent pianos are just that – silent! Or at least they can be, which is why they make such a popular choice.

Cleverly designed to bridge the gap between the desire for a ‘real’ piano and the practicality of a digital piano, they allow the user to plug headphones in and immerse themselves in the sounds of an acoustic piano – without disturbing anyone else.

They work by using clever sensors which, when the piano is switched to silent mode, convert the key movement into an electric sound. This is then relayed to the player through headphones.

Why choose a silent piano?

There are many reasons why opting for silent piano might make sense for you. Do you stumble over your notes if you think someone is listening or prefer to practice in private with no distractions? Perhaps your neighbours complain easily, or you work shifts and can only play at unsocial times? Or maybe it’s the kids who are learning and you don’t think you can stomach listening to scales on repeat or yet another rendition of ‘The Entertainer’.

Whatever your reason, a silent piano gives you the best of both worlds and ultimate flexibility.

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Think a silent piano could be just what you’re looking for? Then take a closer look at the impressive range we have available below. There’s something for everyone, and all budgets, from brand new beauties to stunning pre-loved models. What’s more, all our products are competitively priced and are backed by a 5 or 10-year guarantee and, if you’re not completely happy, you have a 30-day trial period in which you can change your mind…but we don’t think you will!

We have years of experience as a piano supplier, and we are always happy to share our expertise. So, if you have any questions about silent pianos, or if you would like to arrange to visit our showroom, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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