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Looking for something more than a keyboard but not sure a traditional acoustic upright or grand piano is quite right for you either? Then how about a digital piano?

Here at Richard Lawson Pianos Ltd, we stock a great choice of digital pianos and we are confident we can help you to find the perfect model for your needs.


What is a digital piano?

A digital piano blurs the lines between acoustic and digital sound, sitting somewhere between an acoustic piano and an electronic keyboard.

The first most notable point about a digital piano is that it has no strings – and will never require tuning! Instead, the keys act more like a ‘switch’ to trigger a specific sound.

However, unlike a keyboard, many leading manufacturers, such as Yamaha, fit their digital pianos with hammer actions, in order to mimic the feel and dynamics of playing a traditional piano. This not only enhances the playing experience, but offers players the same response to touch that is achieved with an acoustic piano – making switching between the two a far smoother transition. Ideal if you want the compact convenience of a digital model at home but will be playing acoustic pianos elsewhere.

Why choose a digital piano?

It’s a tech savvy world out there and even our instruments have to move with the times.

Typically smaller than an acoustic option yet still with 88 keys, digital pianos are lightweight and compact – great if you’re short on space or always on the move.

They combine exceptional sound quality with modern-day convenience and are perfect for any budding composers. With MIDI output or built-in Bluetooth for wireless connection to smart devices, you can hook your instruments up to your computer allowing you to record, edit and even add in additional instruments to your playing!

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As an experienced piano supplier, we have detailed knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of all the makes and models we supply. And we are always happy to talk through all the options available to ensure you choose the right piano for your needs.

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