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A good piano stool is almost as important for a pianist as a good piano. We have a selection of piano stools for sale that can meet the needs, and ensure the comfort, of every pianist.

Piano stools in Hertfordshire and London
Richard Lawson Pianos Ltd operates in a wide area: we supply pianos and piano stools in London and in Hertfordshire, where our company is based. We give musicians what they need. Alongside a great instrument we recognise the necessity of absolute comfort while playing; our piano stools are characterised by this essential requisite.

Padded adjustable piano stools in the classic black style
Most pianos are played by more than one pianist, so the purchase of a piano usually goes with an adjustable piano stool where the height can be changed to suit the player. We have a fine selection of adjustable piano stools; most stools comfortably accommodate a single pianist and there is robust padding to provide maximum comfort. A wider version, which is more bench than stool, is indicated for pianists who feel they need more space to move. Piano stools with storage space under the seat are a popular option. Another variation is the double-seating long bench for two pianists; the padding is slightly less robust and each seat is adjustable individually.

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