Yamaha Grand Pianos

As a household name in the piano world, naturally Yamaha Grand Pianos are some of the highest quality instruments across the globe, which also offer considerably good value for money despite their elevated sound. Our reconditioned Yamaha Grand Pianos are a brilliant choice for those who are either starting out as pianists, or have grown into seasoned players; it’s a delightful all-rounder.

These pianos last for generations, making them a brilliant investment for the whole family. Passing on the joy of learning to play such a beautiful instrument is a thing to be cherished, which can be achieved with the purchase of one of our Yamaha Grand Pianos.

Ranging from the smallest 150cm models of Yamaha Grand Pianos, to the top-of-the-range 9ft Concert Grand Piano, we have pianos to suit every practice space; whether it’s the living room or the concert hall itself. Be sure to check out the S series Yamaha Grand Piano too in its hand-finished model.

Alternatively, there is the Yamaha G3 coming in at 6’ long, which is more suited to the domestic environment of the home or small practice space. Choose from the C3 or C5 models if you’re looking for something larger, as they come in at 6’6”.

Before our pianos are sold here at Richard Lawson, they undergo a thorough 113-point check to ensure their quality, covering every single part of the piano. Following this, the Yamaha Grand Piano is then guaranteed for 5 years with the exact same level of cover that would be expected from a brand-new model.

Contact us today to discuss the purchase of your Yamaha Grand Piano from Richard Lawson. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have, and arrange for you to visit the shop for you to try out your preferred model.

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