Adjustable Leather Double Duet Piano Stool in Polished Black With Button Top


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Detailed Description

This fully adjustable double duet leather concert piano stool looks stunning and feels very comfortable. It is perfect for both students and serious pianists, and will provide robust support during extended periods of practise, leaving the player feeling relaxed and unstressed after use.

This luxurious stool is finished in a black leather top with 13 deep buttons. All the woodwork is made from the highest quality timber and finished in black high gloss. The rise and fall mechanism is sturdy and does not rock when in use.

Measurements are 83 x 40 cm which is more than enough to seat the player in total comfort. The height ranges from 46 – 56cm. The rise and fall mechanism is very easy and smooth to operate requiring minimum effort.

This stool is also fully compliant with UK and European fire regulations.

Total satisfaction guaranteed.

Money back refund if not 100% satisfied, for any reason.

12 month guarantee.

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