White Pianos

Why choose a white piano?

The demand for white pianos is on the rise. This is understandable, as white furniture looks extremely elegant, and pairs beautifully with the minimalistic, neutral décor that has become more fashionable in recent years.

Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and Elvis are among some of the artists who have famously owned white pianos. If you’d like to join them, read on to find out more about the many white pianos for sale here at Richard Lawson Pianos.

White upright pianos

If you’re short on space or have a limited budget, one of our white upright pianos could offer the perfect solution. With exceptional sound quality offered at a lower price point than some of our larger pianos, our white upright pianos will fit snugly into any available space.

White digital pianos

If you’re a budding composer and would like a piano with exceptional sound quality and impressive tech capabilities, our white digital pianos are ideal. Featuring MIDI output and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can connect to your computer easily to record and edit your music.

Our white digital pianos are smaller than most of our acoustic options, but still have 88 keys. Lightweight and compact, they’re great for homes where space is at a premium or for those who are always on the move for gigs or concerts.

Yamaha white pianos

From premium grand pianos to those that are perfect for beginners, Yamaha really do have a solution for every piano request. Here at Richard Lawson, we stock a range of Yamaha white pianos and can help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Yamaha grand pianos

Our Yamaha grand pianos offer superb sound quality despite their very reasonable price. A great choice for both seasoned professionals and those just starting out, these beautiful pianos will last for many years. All our reconditioned Yamaha grand pianos are guaranteed for five years, with the same protection that we offer with our brand-new models.

Speak to an expert about our white pianos for sale

If you have any questions about the many white pianos we have available here at Richard Lawson, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can either call us on 01923 720974 or fill in our online contact form with your requirements and a well-informed member of the team will be in touch shortly

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