Petrof Upright Pianos

Petrof uprights undergo constant development and improvement, enabling them to meet the requirements of even the most discerning pianists.

P 131 M1

Rigorous design, open heart

Because of the power and colour of its tone, we place the P 131 M1 among the concert instruments of the highest Series. This piano places no limits on the musicians’ art, creating generous space for their self-fulfilment. This piano is remarkable for the modern, simplified design of its cabinet, making it an ideal addition to many music schools and larger interiors.

A - Depth - 600 mm | 23,62"
B - Height - 1310 mm | 51,73"
Width - 1455 mm | 51,73"
Weight - 253kg | 557 lb

P 125

Now you too have the chance to acquire this admirable instrument. It is ideal not only for teaching and practising purposes, but also for playing in a chamber orchestra.
Petrof Piano

A- Depth - 587 mm | 23,11"
B- Height - 1250 mm | 49,49"
Width - 1456 mm | 57,32"
Weight - 236 kg | 520 lb

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