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All About Our Acoustic Pianos

The piano is known as “The King of the Instruments”, and with good reason. No other musical instrument offers the same combination of polyphony, range and dynamics. The keyboard layout which the piano shares with instruments like the harpsichord has become the standard interface for many modern electronic instruments and musical production tools, such as synthesizers. And almost certainly, no other instrument has made the transition to interior design feature as smoothly.

But in some ways, the acoustic piano has become a victim of its own success. Throughout the twentieth century, manufacturers have sought to overcome perceived shortcomings of the piano as an instrument, to endow it with new features, or even to create an entirely new type of instrument thinly disguised as a piano. The results have been various types of electronic pianos, synthesizer keyboards, and other devices, many of which have become popular in their own right. But none of these radical redesigns have succeeded in supplanting the original.

More recently, the trend has been to subtly add modern features to upright and grand acoustic pianos without completely changing their character. This sympathetic approach has been more successful, as evidenced by the acceptance hybrid acoustic pianos have attained. Hybrid acoustic pianos produced by respected manufacturers like Yamaha and Kawai maintain the traditions associated with piano construction, appearance, and playing experience – not to forget the all-important sound – while discreetly introducing features such as silent keyboards, performance recording, and internet connectivity.

But as impressive as these innovations undoubtedly are, they will inevitably remain peripheral to the story of the piano. The essence of the instrument is in the wood, the keys, and the strings which are intrinsic parts of all upright and grand acoustic pianos. Whether you choose to buy a piano because you are a keen musician, or just because you appreciate the sound and aesthetic beauty, turning off all the modern features and playing unencumbered is the purest way to experience the instrument.

That being the case, many first time buyers as well as long standing owners may prefer to look for an acoustic piano for sale. While players of electric guitars and electronic keyboards may thrill to see the latest innovations and hear the new sounds which can be created, piano enthusiasts will always appreciate the transcendent sound an acoustic piano can produce by virtue of time-honoured design and superior craftsmanship. If the modern features which are now available in some piano models will prove useful, avail yourself of them; otherwise, avoid the complexity and expense and make a traditional acoustic piano your next purchase. At Richard Lawson Pianos of Rickmansworth, we can accommodate you no matter what your requirements are. From acoustic to digital, upright to grand, Bösendorfer to Yamaha, the only pianos we don’t sell are bad pianos! If you are looking for any model of acoustic piano for sale, our showroom is a great place to start. Browse our website to see the pianos we have in stock, or contact us directly and we will be happy to help you find your perfect instrument.

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