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All About The Bechstein Model B

When you buy a Bechstein piano – any Bechstein piano – you know that you are investing in one of the world’s thoroughbreds. For over a century and a half, stunning pianos bearing the Bechstein name have been treasured by some of the world’s most famous musicians (Claude Debussy is reported as having stipulated that, “Piano music should only be written for the Bechstein”), featured on best-selling recorded works from classical to rock, and supplied under Royal Warrant to heads of state and diplomatic residences across Europe.

For much of this time, the Bechstein Model B Grand Piano has effectively been the company’s flagship production model. The sound of these desirable pieces has variously been described as “stupendous and beautiful”, “warm and powerful” and “rich and open”. Not only can a Bechstein Model B fill a concert hall with its sound, but thanks to their characteristic projection and resonance, you can be confident that every last note will be heard in every corner of the auditorium.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Model B grand pianos are only suitable for public performance. Many private residences, as well as executive premises, have a Bechstein Model B on display, where their exquisite style and finish are appreciated as much as their tonal character. The elegant dimensions and formidable presence of the Model B have made the design ideally suited as the basis for many of the company’s ‘artcase pianos’, limited-edition pieces for special commissions that have each been a stunning showcase for Bechstein’s famed precision and craftsmanship.

It’s plain to see that the heritage and tradition associated with the Bechstein brand is strong, evinced in the fact that a model could still be built with a very similar design a century after the original was first created. But in no way should Bechstein be thought of as a company which is hung up on convention and living in the past. Bechstein are also innovators; for example, in association with Seimens, they produced the world’s first electronic keyboard as far back as the 1920s. History will show that the enterprise didn’t take off at the time, yet by the 1980s, electronic keyboards became the world’s best-selling musical instruments.

These days, the Bechstein company prefer to make their progress in smaller increments, and this has proved to be an effective and sustainable strategy. Every Bechstein Model B grand piano produced is a refinement on previous examples, as the company continue to hone every aspect of their production process, from raw materials to highly polished finish. Bringing the manufacturing of as many of their components as possible in-house to better control independence and quality is an essential part of that strategy. At Richard Lawson Pianos, we are always delighted to offer Bechstein Model B grand pianos for sale alongside masterpieces from other top brands such as Shigeru Kawai and Yamaha. If you’re wondering which full-size instrument to buy Bechstein Model B grand pianos must be heard to be believed. Call in to our Amersham showroom, or contact us to arrange a special viewing.

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