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All About Our Bösendorfer 225 Grand Piano

When asking those who are most knowledgeable about pianos which company makes the most beautiful sounding instruments and which are the most satisfying to play, the name Bösendorfer will be one of the names that comes up most frequently. And with very good reason, because this renowned Viennese company has been perfecting the art of piano manufacturing and craftsmanship for almost 200 years, resulting in handcrafted pieces that take up to 6 years to build, in each case. But one of the things that really most separates Bösendorfer pianos from all others is their highly distinctive tonal character, which encapsulates qualities such as real warmth, richness and depth in the bass, and a truly scintillating brilliance coupled with a full and singing resonance in the treble.

The Bösendorfer 225 Grand – which we’re currently proud to stock – is no exception in this regard, and, being a mid-sized grand piano, also has an incomparable dynamic range to match, alongside an unparalleled tonal palette which allows for a breadth of expression that very few pianos can match. Most suited to a somewhat larger space, the Bösendorfer 225 is most at home as both a solo instrument, but also as a chamber one, blending in beautifully with other instruments in an intimate setting. Something which makes the 225 model even more special is the fact that its keyboard goes down to F, rather than A, meaning that not only do you have four extra notes at the bottom, but that with the extra bass strings as well (and an even larger than normal soundboard) the instrument’s overall resonance is even fuller than one would expect from a piano of this size.

So what gives these pianos such distinctive sonic characteristics? Much of this comes down to the quality of the parts being incorporated, as well as the manner in which those parts are employed and treated. A good example of this is the soundboard, which is made of premium spruce wood that has been sourced in the Austrian alps. Part of the reason for the lengthy gestation of these instruments is the fact that this wood is seasoned through air-drying for up to 3 years, which helps to retain as much of its optimal resonance potential as possible. Bösendorfer pianos use more spruce wood in their pianos than any other manufacturer, in fact, with the core of the rims also being made up of this exceptional wood. This all ensures that the entire body of the piano becomes acoustically active, and thus encouraging the characteristically rich and colourful tonal characteristic that players have come to expect from these fine instruments.

In addition to the wood, exceptional attention is also paid to the frame, which is hand cast in the traditional manner, and then allowed to rest for 6 months: this really helps contribute to the purity of the sound. Similarly, the bass strings are spun with copper by hand using techniques that are unique to Bösendorfer, and which gives this section of the piano its extraordinary depth and soulfulness. All in all, with parts of such quality being constructed and assembled by Bösendorfer Artisans, who are each amongst the most skilled and experienced such technicians in the world, it is inevitable that anyone who plays a model such as the Bösendorfer 225 will instantly fall in love with its range of colours and amazing level of responsiveness.

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