How to pick a piano stool

So you’ve spent hours (probably days!) deliberating over the right piano choice. Desperate to ensure you pick the right shape, size and style for you. But how much consideration have you given to your piano stool?

We thought so.

It may only be a place to park your bottom, but actually, a piano stool is an integral part of your instrument. The position you sit in not only affects your comfort but also impacts the quality of your playing.

Pretty important then, you’ll agree.

Here we take a look at why piano stools deserve more of our attention, including what you need to think about when choosing one as well as the different types available.


Types of piano stool

A piano stool is just a stool, yes?


It may not make the music itself, but finding the right piano stool is every bit as important as picking the right piano. And it isn’t a simple case of one size fits all…


  • Adjustable Artist Bench – also known as a ‘tabouret’, is the most common type of piano stool. It is a favourite for more experienced players, with the ability to adjust the sitting height.


  • Duet bench – with this one – as the name suggests – there’s room for two. A great choice if you’re fond of collaborative playing or for younger learners as tutors or parents can sit closely and guide playing.


  • The piano chair – more unusual for a piano stool, this option has a backrest and is cleverly designed to ensure it offers support but doesn’t hinder playing.


  • Double-wide artist bench – duet bench meets tabouret in this design, as the comfort and quality of the tabouret are combined with the length of the duet bench.

Buying a piano stool – things to consider:

We’ve established the different types of piano stool but what else should you look for to be confident you’re making the right choice?


This is the big one. How can you practise for hours on end or even just enjoy your playing if you’re uncomfortable?

Many piano benches are ergonomically designed to prevent pressure on the spine and thighs, and are made using quality materials and padding to ensure optimum comfort.


Slouching is bad for your back – and your playing!

It’s all too easy for players to find themselves slipping forward without proper support, putting too much pressure on their back, thighs, neck and shoulders.

The ideal posture for playing the piano is with a straight back, arms should be relaxed from the shoulder but with elbows slightly elevated above the keys. Feet need to be firmly on the floor and within easy reach of the pedals.


To achieve this optimum positioning – especially if a number of different people are likely to use the stool – investing in an adjustable piano stool can be an advantage. The flexibility to lift or lower the height of the seat allows you to ensure the ideal comfort level for every player.


Easily overlooked – but it shouldn’t be. A wobbly stool or a squeaky chair can not only be highly distracting, but you can also guarantee that if you don’t feel stable, you won’t be playing at your best.

Check stools for legs that are bolted on and can be tightened if they begin to loosen over time. Higher-end stools tend to use dovetail joints to keep the frame fixed firmly together.

Is it right for you?

All the ‘perfect’ positioning in the world is no good if you still don’t find your stool comfortable. Just as we all have our own unique playing style, we all have our own preferences for sitting too. You may favour a highly padded stool or prefer a solid wooden base for a firm stance.

And it’s not all about the feel either. You’ll no doubt be keen for your piano stool to look the part too, complementing the piano itself and its surroundings.


Buy a piano stool today

So, it’s clear that when it comes to buying a piano stool, there’s much to consider, which means having plenty of choice is crucial.

Here at Richard Lawson Pianos, we not only supply a fabulous selection of pianos, we also have a great range of piano stools available to purchase too. View the collection now or if you would prefer to test them out first, why not pop into our Amersham showroom?

If you have any questions about buying a piano stool or would like a hand finding the right one for you, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. You can call us on 01923 720 974, email or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back in touch soon.

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