A Spotlight on PETROF Pianos

Did you know that PETROF is currently the largest producer of both acoustic grand and upright pianos in the whole of Europe? Originating in the Czech Republic, these pianos are loved by many famous pianists to this day. Having a rich history of 154 years in the making, today we shine the spotlight on this fantastic creation.


The company founder, Antonín Petrof, constructed his first grand piano in 1864. This began the journey in piano making, with Petrof transforming is father’s joinery workshop into his own piano workshop. From this moment, the company expanded to keyboard production and the construction of action, then started to craft upright pianos. They first began to export their instruments in 1895 and production continued through to 2001 with the company in the hands of the 5th generation of the Petrof family. Continuing to innovate, the firm patented magnetically accelerated action (MAA) in 2003. The company as gone from strength to strength, even seeing the opening of a museum dedicated to the piano brand, and as recently as 2017, a new cultural and commercial centre PETROF gallery was opened.


As the PETROF brand began to craft upright pianos as far back as 1883, the company has many years of experience producing both grand pianos and upright pianos. This means that the brand can appeal to a variety of different customers, hence its expansion across Europe, as well as stretching beyond the continent, as far as the USA. Their wide client base can also be explained by the affordable price-point, achieved without compromising on the quality.


PETROF pianos are known for their tender, romantic feel. This makes them the ideal choice for writing ballads and melancholic love songs on. The piano sound accompanies the singing voice perfectly, enabling you to evoke precise emotions through the unity of both instruments.


At Richard Lawson Pianos, we have both new and used PETROF pianos for sale, so any home can make the most of these beautiful instruments. These models of piano bring as much aesthetic beauty to the home or practice space, as they do aural beauty. Over 70% of the parts and components of these pianos are produced by the company themselves, so you can be certain of the quality. Using high-quality wood, you get both a stunning appearance and a resultant tone.

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Current PETROF pianos available for sale include the PETROF 131 M1, the PETROF 125, the PETROF 131, and the PETROF 194 Storm. To make an enquiry about our range of PETROF pianos at Richard Lawson Pianos, please complete the contact form, or email us at info@richardlawsonpianos.com. You can also speak to us directly by calling either 01923 720 974 or 07967 725209. We will be pleased to guide you in your piano purchase and answer any questions you may have for us.

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