The Kawai GX Series

At Richard Lawson Pianos we offer a plethora of pianos choose from, a wide range to suit newcomers who are just beginning to learn, those who play as a hobby more seriously, and professionals who need the highest quality instruments. So whatever price range you’re considering, you’re sure to find something to suit you. For the past forty years, we have been supplying instruments from the leading piano brands, including Yamaha, Petrof and Kawai. As well as the pianos themselves, we are also able to offer our customers an unparalleled technical knowledge. Today we are highlighting the pianos within the Kawai GX Series.

The Basics About the Kawai GX Series

At Richard Lawson Pianos, we offer three of the pianos within this series: the Kawai GX1, the GX2, and the GX3, and we are pleased to present this world-class series from our website. For a high quality instrument at a more affordable price, you may want to opt for the Kawai GX1, the smallest in the series. The larger Kawai GX2 is one of the best-selling grand pianos across the globe, and the most advanced that we offer in the series is the Kawai GX3, which is an excellent choice for professional pianists in particular.

The Kawai GX Series Specifications

All pianos in this series have the advantage of longer keys for a very high level of responsiveness. This is further enabled by the inclusion of the Kawai Millenium III action which incorporates carbon-fibre parts, and these have the advantage of being lighter, stronger and more durable. The keytops themselves are made from Neotex, which acts to effectively absorb moisture and therefore aid keyboard control. And the keyslips and keybed are steel-reinforced, which aids rigidity and ensures that the action is always well-regulated and dependable.

The stretcher over-lap integrated design (SOLID) offers an exceptionally rigid foundation, which helps to support the string tension. The pinblock is fitted to the plate, and this and the over-lapping stretcher bar are combined into a single structure, solidly anchored to the rim. Kawai’s CORE system (Convergence for Optimum Reflected Energy), ensures that the piano’s strength (the rim, plate and underside beams) is all focussed around a central point: this helps to provide a strong foundation for producing astonishing tonal power and sustain.

Lastly, all the pianos in this series offer a vertically laminated treble bridge and hybrid inner rim, duplex scale (giving more colour to the high-treble region), agraffes (which determine each string’s speaking length), and a softfall mechanism.

The Kawai GX1

When comparing each of the pianos in this series, the GX1 is the shortest in length (166cm) and width (all pianos in this series are 102cm in height). It is therefore ideal for smaller living spaces, and offers a viable alternative to an upright piano. Being the smallest, the GX1 has three back posts, and benefits from all the same features as the other grand pianos in this series.

The Kawai GX2

A happy medium between the two, the Kawai GX2 is 180cm long, and 152cm wide (offering the same width as the GX3), and is perfect for slightly larger living spaces and studios. The longer strings and larger soundboard in particular enrich the sound and contribute to a wider tonal palette when compared to the smaller GX1.

The Kawai GX3

The final and most advanced option we have on offer in this series, the GX3 is 188cm long and benefits from four back posts rather than three. This helps to ensure that the piano as a whole has far more stability, meaning that as much energy as possible is converted to sound when playing, giving it more power across its range. Its extra length also means that the GX3 has the widest dynamic and expressive range of the three models, and is most suited to larger living spaces, studios, and even as a performance instrument in smaller concert spaces.

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