Why a piano makes the perfect gift

At Richard Lawson Pianos, there’s nothing we love more than pianos – and we’re not on our own!

The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments the world over, which is why we firmly believe it makes the perfect Christmas gift – or birthday, or anniversary, or ‘just because’ (you get the idea). We think it’s a brilliant present idea – and so will the lucky recipient. Here’s why…


Why a piano is a great gift?

  • The gift of music

By purchasing a piano you’re giving the gift of music – surely there can be no greater gift?


  • It’s for all the family to enjoy

There are no age restrictions with a piano. You’re never too young – or old – to start playing or at the very least, appreciate listening. So a piano really is a present for all the family to enjoy – even Grandma!


  • A new hobby

Sparking a new skill or interest is a fabulous gift. Added to that, playing the piano can help to develop dexterity in youngsters and keep older minds engaged and active.


  • Boost career prospects

The job market is tough. Anything you can do to set yourself apart from the competition is an advantage.

Listing piano playing as an additional skill adds depth to a CV, helping to gain the edge and increase the chances of bagging that dream job.


  • Good for mental health

Music is powerful stuff. Piano playing can be a great stress reliever and people who play often experience less anxiety and depression, than those who don’t. Making music can also be a great way to boost self-esteem and express feelings.


The best bit about all of this? A piano is for life, not just for Christmas.

With the right care and regular tuning, a piano can bring a lifetime of joy. Now there’s a gift worth giving!

A Richard Lawson Pianos, we stock new and pre-owned pianos that are all offered with the same excellent 5-year guarantee. And a no-quibble returns policy to take away any worry, just in case you haven’t got your gifting quite right.

Other great ideas for piano lovers

Already have a piano? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of thoughtful present ideas for pianists outside of the instrument itself. Some of our favourites include:

·         A messenger bag

Great for storing and transporting sheet music, messenger bags aren’t just practical they’re stylish too and make a lovely gift for piano players.

·         Sheet music

Buying sheet music can be expensive, so this is a guaranteed winner. As an extra thoughtful touch, why not opt for their favourite song or music from their favourite artist?

·         Lessons

Know someone who owns a piano but has never quite got round to learning how to play properly? Then how about piano lessons?

What could be better than the gift of a new skill and hobby to kick start the new year? It’s sure to be a present that’s gratefully received.

·         A new stool

They might already have a piano but what do they use to sit on when they play? A dining room chair, an old stool pinched from the study or the ‘spare’ chair that’s definitely seen better days? Then why not treat them to a proper piano stool?

A padded, adjustable piano stool offers comfort and support, and is sure to be a big hit. We have all sorts of options available, including double benches suitable for 2 players – perfect for gathering around the piano for a few Christmas carols.

·         Book in a tune

If you’re shopping for someone passionate about their piano, they’ll love you forever if you help them to look after it. Why not arrange and pay for piano tuning, to make sure their pride and joy is kept in tip-top condition?

·         Lamps

If a piano is their pride and joy, then make sure it’s always showcased in the best possible light.

Attractive lamps can really help to cast a romantic glow over the instrument, as well as creating a pleasant light for evening playing.


Buy for the piano player in your life

Time to start shopping! Take a look at the stunning collection of upright, grand and digital pianos we have available online now. You’ll also find a great selection of piano stools and accessories and details on our comprehensive tuning service.

Alternatively, if you’d like further advice or to talk to a member of the team in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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