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Yamaha pianos has become synonymous with quality, integrity and fantastic value for money. Richard Lawson Pianos are Yamaha authorised main dealers and we have been in the piano trade for around 40 years. We have an enviable selection of new Upright Yamaha Pianos and Grand Yamaha Pianos for you to choose from. As specialists in piano sales, we have something for everyone, so you can have complete confidence in our ability to help you. As well as supplying new pianos, we also provide refurbished models that are fully guaranteed. Why should you seriously consider purchasing a Yamaha Piano from us?

Highest Quality and Versatility

Yamaha are extremely popular among performers of jazz, pop and other genres. However, Yamaha also have an excellent reputation among those within the classical field. The quality and versatility of this brand is well-known worldwide. They offer a high-quality performance, as well as a superb durability, so that you can be assured of its outstanding value for money. Musicians will be impressed with Yamaha’s tonal richness, dynamic range and its pure clarity. Renown Russian classical pianist Olga Kern has performed on the unique Yamaha CFX model, which confirms Yamaha’s elite status in the classical world.

New Upright Yamaha Pianos

With all the different brands of pianos out there, why choose a new Upright Yamaha Piano? These beautiful instruments represent some of the best quality upright pianos available today. What degree of guarantee can we offer you? We carry out a 113-point check on all our pianos, which covers every part of the instrument. In addition to this, you receive a comprehensive 5-year guarantee, which demonstrates our absolute confidence in these products. We also offer a wide range of Upright Yamaha models, from which you can choose from. Do you prefer a more compact version? Check out the 108cm high Yamaha model. Or if you are looking for a top end, new Upright Yamaha Piano, we have the prestigious U3 model, which is also available in an X version.

Grand Yamaha Pianos

Grand Yamaha Pianos also represent some of the very highest quality grand pianos in the world. Even a fully refurbished used Yamaha Grand Piano should easily last between 50 and 60 years. The superb quality of these instruments is beyond question. This type of piano starts at 150 cm and it goes all the way up to the regal 9ft concert instrument, which is hand finished. Whether you are searching for a domestic or concert piano, Yamaha have a comprehensive range for every serious keyboard artist. We’re so proud of our incredible selection of Yamaha Grand Pianos – why would you go anywhere else?

Yamaha Authorised Main Dealers 

As Yamaha authorised main dealers, you can have complete peace of mind when you buy any Yamaha Piano from us. In addition to our amazing guarantee, we offer a 30-day trial to ensure that you receive the perfect piano for you. Our piano sales department are happy to answer any question that you may have. You can contact us at any time.

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