Yamaha Disklavier Range

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Yamaha Disklavier range of pianos has, for many enthusiasts, redefined what a piano is and what it is capable of.  There is quite simply no other type of instrument which can match what a Yamaha Disklavier can do.  Richard Lawson Pianos now stock Yamaha Disklavier Upright Pianos – read on to find out more about these iconic models.

Yamaha Disklavier Grand Pianos and Disklavier Upright Pianos 

For their Disklavier range, Yamaha begin with their already highly regarded range of upright and grand pianos.  These instruments are created to exacting standards from superior materials, and are to be found on stages and in studios the world over.  A small proportion of these pianos are then upgraded to Disklavier specification; that is, they are fitted with Yamaha Disklavier systems which vastly expand the functionality of the instrument, without effecting its fundamental character.

Disklavier systems are packages of electronics which are designed to fit sympathetically within the structure of a standard Yamaha piano.  Each package includes sensors, solenoids, and processing hardware and software which bring these resolutely traditional instruments right into the digital age.  When you play a Yamaha Disklavier upright or grand piano, every note, every dynamic, every nuance is captured and stored electronically.  Amazingly, the piano can then repeat your performance, note for note, touch for touch.  The keys and pedals will move, the strings will sound, even though there is no-one at the keyboard.

But there’s more!  Internet connectivity allows the Disklavier to receive performances digitally from Yamaha’s website and faithfully reproduce them on your own instrument.  Some of the world’s most famous classical, pop and soul artists are represented.  Place your hands on the keyboard, and you will feel these famous pianists at work, while a backing track plays on your digital device.  Some of these performances also include video files.

These features also allow students to learn from piano masters who may be thousands of miles away.  Come and see a Yamaha Disklavier for sale at Richard Lawson Pianos.

Yamaha U1 Enspire Disklavier / Yamaha C2X Enspire Disklavier 

Realizing that customers of varying circumstances and budgets would appreciate the special features offered by the Disklavier system, Yamaha now offer the specification on various models from their range.  The Yamaha U1 Enspire Disklavier came about as a result of the demand for Yamaha upright Disklavier pianos.  An upright piano takes up less space and is easier to transport, so it is understandable that some customers were anxious to see Disklavier upright pianos for sale.  The Yamaha C2X Enspire Disklavier, on the other hand, is the latest incarnation of a long line of exquisite Disklavier Grand Pianos which forged the name.

If you’ve never had the chance to see a Disklavier upright piano in the flesh, or would like to inquire about the Yamaha Disklavier price, don’t hesitate to call in to our shop at  24 Lime Tree Walk, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 4BX.  Alternatively, contact us via the website with any questions you may have.

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