Kawai CS11

Kawai CS11 Digital Piano

The Kawai CS11 is the flagship of the ‘Classic Series’, and continues the company’s tradition of making what are regarded as some of the world’s finest instruments.  At one time, a digital re-creation of a mechanical process was thought of as a cheap imitation, a poor quality approximation of the real thing.  It is certainly true that the first electric pianos of half a century ago did not succeed in replicating the sound of the traditional instrument.

The Kawai Piano Cs11, however, is no cheap copy.  The technology used in this product – including the materials used, electronics, and the mechanical action which replicates that of a grand piano – is the most up-to-date available, allowing the Kawai Cs11 to accurately produce, not only the tones of some of the world’s most desirable grand pianos, but also their feel and dynamics.

What is more, the digital nature of the instrument offers a wide range of features which would be quite impossible for a mechanical instrument.  The Kawai Piano Cs11’s Virtual Technician feature allows players to adjust voicings, tunings, and many other characteristics which would at one time have been inherent to the individual instrument.

It is telling that among the extended functions of the Kawai Cs11 is the capacity to produce sounds of selected other instruments, including vintage electric pianos.  Just as the value of such innovative products finally came to be recognised, so too more and more pianists are turning to Kawai digital pianos.

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Kawai CS11
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