Kawai Novus NV10

Kawai Novus NV10 Hybrid Digital Piano

There are few experiences in life which can compare to the joy of playing a finely crafted and well tuned grand piano.  The grand is the greatest expression of the piano builder’s art, and the sound and feel of world class instruments such as the Shigeru Kawai range, as well as premium models from Yamaha and Petrof, delight the most discerning of musicians and enchant audiences.

However, just as with ownership of an exclusive sports car or thoroughbred racehorse, there are complications which arise from keeping a grand piano.  As an object, a full size piano takes up a lot of space, and must be positioned where it will not be affected by extremes in temperature or humidity, or by direct sunlight.  It will also require regular maintenance and tuning.

The Kawai Novus NV10 is a hybrid piano.  Just as a hybrid car combines the positive points of two types of vehicle, so the Kawai Novus NV10 Hybrid Digital Piano combines the most desirable features of Kawai grand pianos with those of their high tech electronic instruments.  The keyboard and action are identical to those used on the company’s world famous grand pianos, as is the damper mechanism connected to the pedals.  The hammers are graded in weight from bass to treble.  The result is a playing experience which is indistinguishable from that of sitting down at a premium Kawai grand piano.

But rather than striking metal strings, those hammers trigger high-precision optical sensors which are driven by the brand new SK-EX Rendering sound engine.  This sophisticated interface faithfully replicates the magnificent tone of Kawai’s flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX full concert grand piano, as well as a range of other sounds such as other types of piano, church organs, strings, choirs, and even synthesizer sounds.  Add to this a long list of other technical features, plus the robustness and stability inherent to electronic instruments, and it’s easy to see that the Kawai Novus NV10 piano is a truly unique instrument.

With over 40 years’ experience in the sales and servicing of quality pianos, Richard Lawson Pianos of Rickmansworth are your first choice when searching for a Kawai Novus NV10 for sale.  For more details on this and other models, including Kawai Novus NV10 price information, please contact us here.

Kawai Novus NV10 Hybrid Digital Piano
Novus NV10 Hybrid Digital Piano
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