Piano playing – why it’s one resolution you should stick to!

The first month of the year is done – and for many people, so are their resolutions.

It’s true!

According to research, 23% of people quit New Year resolutions just one week in and a whopping 43% quit by the end of January.

Keen to last a little longer with your 2024 promises?

Whether you pledged to learn the piano, put in more practice, or something else entirely, you might be interested to know that playing the piano isn’t just a great skill – it could also increase your chances of sticking to other commitments.


If your enthusiasm is waning and you’re in need of a little encouragement, read on to discover how playing the piano could be your key to success.


Most popular resolutions of 2024

Resolution 1: Exercise more

Always a popular choice. Getting fit and exercising more is often at the top of the NY hit list.

Okay, so unless you are channelling your inner Lang Lang, you’re not going to work up much of a sweat playing the piano but that’s not to say it isn’t beneficial.

Piano playing can help with hand dexterity, keeping joints supple. It also encourages good posture which is great if you suffer from back problems.


Resolution 2: Lose weight and improve diet

After the overindulgence of Christmas, it’s not surprising that healthy eating and cutting back on sweet treats and alcohol are top of the resolution poll.

Wondering how playing the piano can possibly help with this? Simple. Giving in to snacks and cravings is often a result of boredom – the urge to rummage in the fridge between meals is rarely due to real hunger.

Distract yourself and you’ll usually find the urge to eat passes – and what better way to occupy your time than by playing the piano!


Resolution 3: Reduce stress

Aiming for less stress in 2024?

Whether it’s been a tough day at college or a bad day in the office, playing the piano is an excellent way to relieve tension, helping to wash away the stresses of the day and relax.

Not only can playing encourage mindfulness but music also has the power to boost mood.

Happy, upbeat music motivates and spreads joy. Calming melodies can help to ease tension, and thrashing out an intense piece can be incredibly cathartic, soothing mind and body, and allowing you to switch off and reset after a demanding day.

Resolution 4: Make time for hobbies

Piano playing is the perfect hobby and as this blog demonstrates, it can have a positive knock-on effect in many other areas of your life too.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, it’s a hobby that is not only a great skill, but that also has the power to boost your mood, enhance dexterity and memory, and increase learning capacity – and let’s not forget how much fun it is!

How many other pastimes can boast as much?

Read our blog, ‘Piano playing – it’s more than just music!’ for more on its positive effects.


Resolution 5: Reduce time on social media

Many of us admit to spending too much time on social media, which is probably why 2024 has seen a rise in people pledging to cut back on tech time.

How often do you waste your evenings scrolling through pointless posts and videos? It’s rarely even a conscious choice. You sit down to relax, pull out your phone and next thing you know, an hour has passed filled with mindless bloopers and dancing dogs.

Instead, fill your time with something worthwhile – piano playing!


Resolution 6: Quit smoking

One of the best ways to beat the pang for a cigarette is to keep your hands busy, so why not play the piano?

Not only will playing help to take your mind off the desire to light up but it will physically prevent you from being able to.

If you’re new to learning, the added concentration required to pick up the skill will provide an even greater distraction.


Increase your chances of success

So there you have it, not just one motivation to stick with playing the piano in 2024 but six – and that’s just scratching the surface!

For even more reasons to dedicate time to the art of piano playing, and for help finding the right piano for you, why not get in touch with our team of piano experts here at Richard Lawson Pianos?


With an extensive collection of new and used pianos of all makes and models, you can shop online now or book an appointment to visit our showroom where you can try things out for yourself.

And it’s not just pianos we offer – you’ll also find a great range of stools and accessories too, designed to make playing even more comfortable and enjoyable.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch and let’s keep 2024 on track.

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