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Technical Specification
  • Yamaha C5X SH2

    Yamaha C5X SH3 Silent Grand in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha C5X SH2 Silent Grand in Polished Ebony (Ex Demo)

  • Yamaha C5X

    Yamaha C5X Grand in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha C5X Disklavier

    Yamaha C5X Disklavier Enspire Pro Grand in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha C5 Grand

    Yamaha C5 Grand, late 1980’s (Refurbished)

  • Yamaha C3X TA2

    Yamaha C3X TA3 TransAcoustic Grand in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha C3X SH2 Grand Piano

    Yamaha C3X SH3 Silent Grand in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha C3X

    Yamaha C3X Grand in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha C3X Disklavier

    Yamaha C3X Disklavier Enspire Pro Grand in Polished Ebony (Ex Demo)

  • Yamaha C3X Disklavier

    Yamaha C3X Disklavier Enspire Pro Grand in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha C3 Studio

    Yamaha C3 Studio Grand in Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha C3 Silent

    Yamaha C3 Silent Grand, around 1980 (Refurbished)


Yamaha Pianos for everyone.

Yamaha Pianos

Digital Yamaha Pianos

Toying between an acoustic piano and a digital piano? A Yamaha digital piano offers all the excellence you’d expect from an acoustic piano but with the added convenience afforded by new technology.

Yamaha digital pianos are fitted with hammer actions to enhance the playing experience. Or, if you want to stick with acoustic but are keen to harness digital features, you could try a silent piano.

Yamaha silent pianos are meticulously crafted using only the finest materials to offer you ultimate control, sounds and touch.

Used YAMAHA Pianos

Pre-loved Yamaha Pianos

Thanks to the detailed skill and craftsmanship that goes into a Yamaha piano, with the right care you can expect them to last for many years. This is why we don’t just supply brand-new pianos but have used Yamaha’s for sale too.

These fully refurbished pianos will usually cost between a third to a half of the price of a brand-new piano with a useable life of another 50 to 60 years – making them exceptional value for money.

All of our used Yamaha’s undergo a detailed 113-point check in Japan – many of them carried out by Yamaha – which covers every part of the piano. These rigorous inspections mean you can be completely confident that your piano is in excellent condition. What’s more, regardless of whether the piano you purchase from us is brand new or used, we offer the same impressive five-year guarantee.

Is Yamaha a good piano brand?

You may recognise Yamaha as a trusted name for motorcycles but what if you’re more of a ‘piano’ rather than a ‘petrol’ head?

It’s the same story.

Yamaha are just as regaled for their instruments as they are for their automobiles, with a Yamaha piano ranking as one of the most popular and reliable brands on the market.

Whether you’re new to playing, buying a small upright piano for the kids, or looking for a concert-worthy grand piano, you’ll find a wealth of choice from the Yamaha brand, with prices to suit all budgets. To find out more about Yamaha pianos, get in touch with the team.

Are Yamaha pianos suitable for beginners?

With an extensive portfolio of models – Yamaha upright pianos, digital pianos, grands, acoustics –  there is a Yamaha for everyone, especially beginners. A great starter piano is the Yamaha U1 acoustic piano – perfect for entry-level playing but with plenty of capability as your playing skills develop.

Alternatively, you could go for a digital Yamaha piano, where you can control volume or use headphones – sparing others from the relentless sound of those early days of practice.

For help picking out the right Yamaha piano for your playing level, aspirations, and budget, get in touch.

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