Yamaha Disklavier Grand Pianos

Many of Yamaha’s selection of pianos come with the Disklavier Grand Piano systems factory fitted as a standard, if they are relatively new to the market. The technology allows players to record and play back every element of their performances – with full moving key and pedal automation.

This is of priceless assistance when it comes to improving on playing style, as players can work out where their weaknesses lie; whether it’s related to timing, pressure or continuity.

Not all Yamaha models have been fitted with the Disklavier system, but this can be rectified on a vast array of models – many of which we have for sale here at Richard Lawson Pianos and can fit for you via the Yamaha DKC 850.

A popular entry model is the Yamaha G1 Disklavier, which is perfect for the beginner due to its lower price point and impressive range of features, especially given it costs only a small amount more than a traditional piano.

A newer model of the Yamaha Disklavier series is the Mark 4 model, which comes with incredibly handy internet connection capabilities, as well as CD and USB storage options.

Some of the models of Mark 4 Disklaviers that we have for sale here at Richard Lawson offer the silent system built in; it’s simply a question of contacting us here so that our team can unite you with the best model for your needs.

Contact us here today to discover more about the reconditioned pianos we have for sale here at Richard Lawson Pianos, and arrange for you to come into the store to try out some of your preferred models for a test run.



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