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Best Pianos for Beginners

The opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument opens a doorway to creativity, artistic expression and pleasure. Pianos are an excellent choice of instrument to learn. Not only are pianos beautiful instruments in their own right, with a sweet sound and equally versatile for playing alone or along with other instruments, but they can act as a bridge to learning the fundamentals for playing other instruments.

But identifying the best pianos for beginners could seem overwhelming. You need to find an instrument that will offer you the right quality of sound, but also the potential to develop. At Richard Lawson Pianos, we have the expertise to help you to make the best choice and we have a wide range of suitable pianos for sale. A great choice of beginner pianos are the Yamaha upright piano models. ‘Upright’ simply means that the strings are arranged vertically, so the piano takes up the minimum space, in contrast to the horizontal layout of a grand piano. The classic choices in this range are the Yamaha U1 and the Yamaha U3. These two models offer a perfect balance of classic design with modern precision construction, and are considered by many to be a benchmark for pianos for beginners. They have an improved soundboard and hammers, giving a richer tone, with a reinforced frame that is made to last. The large music stand is perfect for beginner pianists, and the soft-close fallboard protects a beginner from trapped fingers or damaged keys by slowing the lid closing. The two models are similar, though the Yamaha U3 is slightly taller and deeper than the Yamaha U1, which results in increased richness and resonance in the tone. Both are excellent pianos. You will find new and second-hand models of these pianos in our Rickmansworth showroom and piano sale webpages.

If you have the space for something a little larger, then your next step would be the small to medium grand piano range. Whilst you might not think of this as a piano for beginners, these models offer an investment which gives room to continue to progress beyond being a beginner. A popular choice would be the Yamaha C3 model, which provides a beautiful depth of sound and key range. The C3 is 6’ long; the Yamaha C5 model, with an extra 6”, makes full use of the longer strings to offer a fuller range, which is characterised by a beautiful bass resonance that will enhance your playing. The height of this range is the handcrafted Yamaha CF model, which offers the greatest range of tonal control and expression. You can see examples of these models in our sales pages and showroom.

At Richard Lawson Pianos we sell pianos from many other brands as well, such as Kawai, Bluthner, Steinway and Bösendorfer. We also offer piano hire if you are not yet ready to purchase a piano. Why not visit our showroom or contact us to see how we can help with finding the right piano for you? Speak to our expert staff to find the very best pianos for beginners.

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