Yamaha P Series

2020 has been a strange year.  No-one could have predicted the unprecedented events, nor how long they would have lasted.  It is probably true to say that there is not a single family in Britain that has not been affected in one way or another.  Of course, many of the effects have been terrible, and have caused sorrow and hardship.  But at the same time, there have been unexpected positive effects which people have witnessed.

For example, we have seen people go beyond what was expected to help in frontline roles, and we experienced the community spirit of clapping for the NHS workers on Thursday evenings.

Another unexpected outcome is that many people have found time to spend with families that they otherwise might not have done, and many have found the time they needed for hobbies, either new ones or old ones which had been forgotten in the chaos of a working life.

For some, this has meant having the time to spend learning, or relearning, the piano.  Are you planning on getting back into playing the piano, inspired by time away from work?

If so, a great option would be the Yamaha P Series pianos.  Yamaha’s P Series are a mid-range of instruments built by the experts at Yamaha, meaning that you benefit from the high quality, consistent production of Yamaha, but at an affordable price.  At Richard Lawson Pianos, we are here to help you find the right model of piano for your home.

The Yamaha P Series consists of the Yamaha P116 and the Yamaha P121 models.  Both the Yamaha P Series Pianos are an upgrade when compared to the materials used in the entry-level B Series pianos, so they offer an enhanced quality of sound. This is especially true of the soundboard, which is made of Bavarian spruce wood, giving these instruments a far warmer tonal character when compared to the B Series. Therefore, the Yamaha P116 and the P121 are ideal for beginners as well as more experienced pianists, and an ideal choice for a home piano.

Both the Yamaha P116 and P121 are made from the same high-quality materials, but the P116 is the smaller of the two (116cm in height), so if space is an issue this one may be the better choice.  The Yamaha P121 is 5cm higher, 1cm wider and 4cm deeper.  That may not sound like a lot, but with its extra height the latter model boasts longer strings, a larger soundboard area, and a larger cabinet. With these elements combined the resonance level of the P121 is much higher, meaning that the sound is fuller, more colourful, and much more expressive across its full range.

At Richard Lawson Pianos, we really know our pianos.  If you are making the most of your time and want to learn piano, or are returning to playing the piano again, let us help you find the right model, whether that is a Yamaha P Series piano or something different.  We can even offer a service in piano hire to help you choose the right model.  Why not contact us and see how we can help you get started, or visit our showroom to view and try out our wide range of instruments?

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