Five Facts About The Kawai GX Grand Piano

The Kawai GX range includes the Kawai GX3, the Kawai GX1 and the Kawai GX2. It is built on a rich history that is close to a century-old, combining this traditional craftsmanship with technology that continually innovates. Today we will cover five great facts about the Kawai GX Grand Piano series.


In 2017, the Kawai GX-2 BLACK Grand Piano was awarded the Product Excellence Award from Music Inc. Magazine. This accolade is usually decided by collecting votes from a number of music retailers. Just 30 products are chosen from across the world, meaning there are thousands of competitors. Within this whole series of pianos, there are six different models, yet all of them share many of the incredible features that make this an award-winning piano.

Excellent Performance Action

When compared to alternative products, the Kawai GX series an excellent performance action due to the increase in key length. The responsiveness and touch control mean that your technique is driven by the design of the piano. This is especially important when performing pieces that require a high level of dexterity and light arm weight, as it goes to show what difference a great quality piano can make to your own playing.

The Subtly of Sound

The longer keys also provide a greater leverage and control, particularly when playing the shorter black keys, or when you need to strike the white keys nearer the fallboard. Less effort is required on your part, as your fingers sink easily into the piano keys, offering a clear and precise sound with every touch.

Beautiful Design

As well as being beautiful to the ear, the Kawai GX series are also beautiful to the eye. They are sturdy and strong, which is a marker of quality, with an impressive cabinet design. The body of the piano features a luxurious appearance due to the well-known painting and finishing process. Different types of woods were analysed to make sure the best quality was used on these pianos.

Top Tier Brand

Kawai pianos, in general, are regularly in the top three pianos worldwide. Millions of people across 80 countries play on this brand of piano, so you know you won’t be disappointed when you get a grand piano from the Kawai GX range.

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