The Benefits of The Yamaha Silent Piano

Yamaha is a brand of piano known across the globe for its superior quality of materials and unparalleled sound. Their silent piano is an extremely versatile and useful tool, which has emerged in recent decades and become one of the most popular pianos with musicians of all levels.

What is a silent piano?

The terminology may be confusing to novices, who may wonder what the point of a piano is if it does not produce any sound. Of course, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to silent pianos. Yamaha silent pianos bridge the gap between an authentic acoustic experience and the innovation of the world of digital pianos. When you buy one of these pianos, you can feel the joy of the weight of an 88-key piano, whilst also being able to have the option to turn off the external sound. This means there is no need to disturb the neighbours or your family, and you can play until your fingers feel as if they’re falling off.

How does a silent piano work?

A silent piano enables you to listen to your playing with privacy through the use of headphones. When in silent mode, your private practice is enabled by a bar moving into place to stop the hammer striking the string. Alternatively, the sensors convert the key movement itself into the electronic sound that you hear through the headphones. It is possible to achieve this through both grand piano and upright piano models.

Why should you choose a silent piano?

Yamaha acoustic pianos have an incredibly impressive sound, but it can be difficult to find the suitable circumstances to play. It may be that you live close to your neighbours and are worried about the sound disturbing them through the walls, or it may be that the only time you can play is when your children are asleep, and you don’t want to wake them up with the music. Perhaps you simply just don’t want others to listen, so you can get lost in your own practice. The silent piano allows you to listen to the sound internally rather than extremally, yet maintaining the natural touch of an acoustic piano. You can easily switch between open acoustic playing to the use of the headphones, depending on the situation.

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