Four Characteristics Which Define the Kawai GX Series

With over 90 years’ experience producing instruments of the highest calibre, Kawai have established a reputation for consistency of quality which few manufacturers can rival. The GX Series are among Kawai’s most popular products, and are available from Richard Lawson Pianos of Rickmansworth. These performance-grade grand pianos are successors to the world-famed RX series, fusing the latest technological innovations with exquisite craftsmanship to produce instruments of distinction. Featuring tapered solid spruce soundboards, the renowned Millennium III action, multi-grip maple pin-blocks and more, the GX series represents a tasteful blend of traditional and modern design features. Read on to find out four of the distinctive characteristics of this series.

The Touch

When you spread your fingers across the keys of any one of these GX series grand pianos, you will feel the difference with the company’s trademark Millennium III action. Manufactured using parts made of carbon-infused ABS, this component gives the model unparalleled responsiveness, and the exclusive NEOTEX key surface material imitates the texture and touch of real ebony and ivory keys, creating a natural feel across the whole keyboard.

The Strength

Kawai pianos are built to last, and the quality of the GX series offers a focussed strength to provide long-lasting durability. Each piano in this range has a number of features to make sure that you will enjoy the instrument for decades to come, including a stretcher over-lap integrated design, a steel-reinforced key skip, a V-Pro cast iron plate and a hard maple multi-grip pin-block. Even when repeatedly used in institutional environment, these actions stay in prime condition.

The Tone

The tone is one of the outstanding aspects of the Kawai GX series. The star of the show is the high-quality spruce soundboard, along with the dual duplex scaling, the vertically laminated bridge design, brass agraffes and pressed wool hammers. The blend of hardwoods that is used enables the perfect balance of tone to be achieved.

The Presence

As well as having a fantastic sound, a Kawai GX series is also an object of great beauty. Featuring a European round-arm cabinet design, the instrument rests on subtle spade legs and solid brass casters. The lid is able to sit on three different lid props depending on the acoustical requirements and features a bevelled edge. Available in a range of finishes, you’re sure to find a grand piano in the GX series to suit you.


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