Kawai GL Series

The Kawai GL series of pianos was first introduced in the autumn of 2015. The aim of this series was to provide a balance between outstanding musical quality and affordability. All the pianos in this series feature the patented Millennium III carbon fibre action with extended keys, the tapered solid spruce soundboard, and the solid (Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design) body construction. The company’s goal was to offer a range of products that were superior to any other instruments in their price range. Pay a visit to Richard Lawson Pianos off Rickmansworth, and hear the quality of these attractive pianos for yourself.

Comparison with the GX Series

The pianos in the GL series are designed for efficiency, with fewer refinements than the exquisite GX models. However, they do share some important features with the higher-end GX range. In addition to those already mentioned, they also include hammer-shank stabilizers, agraffes, stronger pin-block/stretcher design, longer keys, full sostenuto pedal, and soft-close fallboard, among other features.

In contrast to the GX series, the GL pianos feature a single-wood-variety hardwood rim, rather than the blended hardwoods in the former series. They also have a solid bridge without cap, rather than a vertically laminated bridge. Additionally, the keytops are acrylic (as opposed to NEOTEX), and you will notice the cabinet design is simpler and the interior is also less ornate.

Kawai GL10

The Kawai GL10 features the same quality you can expect from the larger pianos, but with a classic baby-grand piano profile, able to adapt to any room. This piano is made in Indonesia, whilst all the others are still built in Japan. The most basic model in the GL range, the GL10 is still considered to improve significantly on the discontinued GM models.

Kawai GL30

The Kawai GL30 model is known for its full-bodied tonal character that can suit both the home and studio. Along with the GL10, the GL30 also has a simpler beam structure.

Kawai GL50

The Kawai GL50 piano is loved for its versatility and can adapt to the demands of any performance venue. This model also features CORE (Convergence for Optimum Reflected Energy). This means that the piano’s strength centres at a point deep in the heart of the instrument, increasing its ability to produce outstanding tonal power and sustain.


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