All You Need to Know About the Yamaha U3 Piano

At Richard Lawson Pianos, we are delighted to supply our clients with an extensive range of Yamaha pianos. Today we going to highlight everything you need to know about the Yamaha U3 in particular. We will uncover some of the fantastic features of this piano and tell you everything you need to know about this upright piano.

Made by Experts

The Yamaha U3 is made in Japan, a country known particularly for its quality production of pianos. The brand has earned a long lasting reputation, and this specific model has been a one of the best-selling professional quality piano for over sixty years. Made in the famous Hamamatsu factory in Japan, the company also has factories all across the globe, now it is a worldwide household name. This piano also holds its value over time, thanks to the excellent reputation and reliability of the product.

Professional Quality

As an upright piano, the Yamaha U3 offers professional musicians top quality sound and touch even when there is not enough space for a grand piano. As well as professional musicians, the Yamaha U3 piano also has a solid place within schools and with private piano tuition. They are often recommended as a first piano for those undergoing lessons, as well as when taking exams. They are a popular choice amongst both classical and popular musicians, so whatever your personal taste, they are sure to produce the sound you desire.

Key Features

At 131cm tall, the Yamaha U3 piano is a great length, and its height means that longer bass strings can fit inside. You will hear a distinct difference between this model and others with shorter bass strings for this reason, as well as its large soundboard. The result is an exceptionally good tone quality. This can be as good, or arguably even better, when compared with baby grand pianos. The width of the piano is around 153cm, and they measure approximately 62cm from the floor to the keyboard. Its expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber increase the power and projection, and provide the ultimate expression.


The Yamaha U3 piano series includes pianos that have been made from the 1970s to the present day. They come with a serial number that corresponds to the period they were built in, with the larger number being the most recent. They also contain a letter in the suffix pertaining to the period that they were made in, and this can also suggest a particular quality of sound. The sound of the Yamaha U3 pianos range from a bright, medium or mellow sound. Brighter sounding models are great for large spaces such as for a show or show rehearsal. Mellow sounding models are most suitable for the home. For this reason, most customers prefer a sound in between the two.

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