Yamaha Pianos – One of the Most Respected Musical Instruments Worldwide

Yamaha are one of the most respected musical instrument manufacturers in the world, and their piano range includes models suitable for musicians of all levels.  No company can build a reputation such as Yamaha enjoys among its loyal customers without consistency of quality and excellent customer focus.

Yamaha pianos are made from carefully selected materials – only 1% of the wood delivered to the factory is selected for use for their premium range soundboards.  The goal in choosing the materials is that each instrument should have consistent characteristics of sound and feel throughout its playing range.  Any two notes should strike the listener as the same sound at two different pitches, rather than sounding like two entirely different instruments.  All the keys should provide equal resistance to the pressure of the player’s fingers, and all notes should be equally resonant.  Yamaha pianos achieve this balance with aplomb.

Yamaha’s philosophy, as described on their website, expresses that their customers should experience “joy, beauty, confidence and discovery” in their products.  Many of our customers are Yamaha aficionados and would agree they have consistently achieved these goals.

Yamaha Silent Piano Prices

The silent piano is one of the most versatile and useful tools to arrive in the world of pianos in recent decades, and Yamaha’s are among the very best.  These instruments dispel the image of the enthusiastic pianist persecuting his or her long suffering neighbours, as they have a damper bar which prevents the hammers from striking the strings and renders the piano completely silent.  Internal sensors are linked to a MIDI module which allows you to hear what you play through headphones, or it can send the signal to a computer for manipulation and recording.

Some of our customers ask, “Why use a silent piano when you could use an electronic keyboard?”  Besides the obvious visual impact of the instrument, we find that electronic keyboards, try as they might, just can’t replicate the ‘feel’ of a meticulously crafted high-end piano.  The exclusive materials and superior craftsmanship which go into a Yamaha premium model add up to an immersive playing experience and every element of the entire structure plays a part in this.  Playing a keyboard doesn’t feel like a piano simply because it is not a piano.  And then, when it’s time to release the damper and unleash the instrument’s full potential, you once again have access to that glorious nuanced resonance which only a finely honed mechanical instrument can produce.  Please contact us for our latest Yamaha silent piano prices.

Yamaha Piano Sale

Here at Richard Lawson Pianos of Rickmansworth, we have been privileged to supply and service hundreds of Yamaha pianos of all grades over the course of many years.  A piano is a big investment, and when you choose a well-known name like Yamaha you are guaranteed a good price for your instrument if you ever want to sell it.  Keep an eye on our piano sales page for our next Yamaha piano sale.

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