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Some musical instruments have a history littered with distinguished associations and prestigious references, while others are less highly thought of in the public consciousness.  But few instruments can compare to the piano, which since its invention in around 1700 has graced churches, public buildings, concert venues, and the homes of the great and good; has been played by leaders, celebrities, and the most renowned of musical performers and artists; has provided the soundtrack to movies, live performances, and social events both public and private; and has come to be regarded as part of the natural backdrop to any scene of refinement and sophistication.

You might, therefore, expect that the world’s largest manufacturer of pianos would be a very special company indeed – and you would be right.  The Yamaha Corporation of Japan not only produce more pianos every year than any other company worldwide, they’re the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments of all kinds, including drums, guitars, brass and woodwind instruments, and many others.  Their musical heritage is symbolized in their ‘tuning fork’ logo, which adorns all their products including those (such as motorcycles and sporting goods) which are not connected with music.

Richard Lawson Pianos are Hertfordshire’s expert Yamaha piano dealer, and we have been supplying and servicing Yamaha pianos for over forty years.  The Yamaha piano store at our Rickmansworth shop always has several fine models available for demonstration.  The pianos Yamaha build are also famously robust, many of our stock may be decades old but with a little care and routine maintenance will go on to give pleasure for generations to come.

Yamaha Piano Prices

You may be tempted to buy a Yamaha piano, but doubt the affordability of a product from such an illustrious manufacturer.  You may ask, ‘how much does a Yamaha piano cost?’  The fact is that Japanese manufacturers in general are very good at spotting opportunities to offer products at various price points.  As a result, Yamaha piano models are available at all levels, from entry-level reconditioned uprights to brand new grand pianos loaded with the latest technology.  As you would imagine when it comes to Yamaha piano prices new models are more desirable than old ones, but here at Richard Lawson Pianos we do our utmost to match every customer with an instrument which will fulfil their needs.

Buying From Richard Lawson Pianos

With tens of thousands of instruments produced over the last century, it isn’t difficult to find a Yamaha piano for sale.  But when you shop for a Yamaha piano online at www.richardlawsonpianos.com, or at our Rickmansworth store, you get more than just one of the world’s finest musical instruments.  Our after sales service is second to none, including piano moving, tuning, and regular servicing.  And if you choose a pre-owned Yamaha piano, you benefit from our 113-point check which is designed to ensure every example we supply is maintained to the highest standard, followed by a five-year guarantee with exactly the same level of cover as is available with a brand new instrument.

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