Yamaha CLP Pianos

There was a time when the term ‘digital piano’ referred to a group of instruments which bore barely a passing resemblance to the majestic, finely crafted instruments they sought to emulate.  Such early attempts to apply the convenience and utility of electronics to the world of the piano looked and sounded very different to the real thing, and many felt unresponsive and ‘cheap’, both to handle and to play.

The current Yamaha CLP Range shows just how far digital pianos have come in the intervening decades.  The experience of owning and playing a Yamaha Clavinova CLP model is much closer to that of a real acoustic piano than the primitive, Bakelite-bodied digital instruments of yesteryear.

Yamaha CLP 625

Just because it’s the entry level Clavinova model doesn’t mean the CLP625 is short of features.  If you have always dreamed of owning a high quality piano but have limited space, this could be just the model for you.

Yamaha CLP 635

16 track recording is a standout feature of the CLP635.  To be able to record your own performance layer-by-layer will prove invaluable to anyone who dreams of performing their own compositions.  The built-in rhythms also make this piano ideal for entertaining guests with a song at social occasions.

Yamaha CLP 645

Does the traditional character of the piano mean that manufacturers shun modern technological advances?  Not for Yamaha.  The CLP645 Clavinova model features built-in bluetooth audio, making it easier than ever to play along to backing tracks downloaded on your other digital devices.

Yamaha CLP 675

With top notch audio speakers, we challenge you to tell the CLP675 from an acoustic piano by sound alone.

Yamaha CLP 685

The CLP685 sits at the top of the Yamaha CLP range, making it one of the finest digital pianos in the world.  Find out more.

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