All About The Kawai GX Series

Here at Richard Lawson Pianos, we offer a range of pianos to professionals as well as hobbyists, and those just starting to learn this fine instrument. We have been supplying leading piano brands such as Yamaha, Kawi and Petrof for over forty years. Offering our customers the technical knowledge of piano refurbishment, along with an intuitive understanding of playing the piano, we are pleased to shine the spotlight on the Kawai GX Series.

The Kawai GX Series at Richard Lawson Pianos

At Richard Lawson Pianos, we offer twenty-four options from Kawai, including the three pianos within the GX Series. The Kawai GX1 is the most affordable and the first in the series, which each piano evolving from this original design. The Kawai GX2 is at the next price point and is one of the world’s best-selling pianos. The highest price of these three pianos is the Kawai GX3, and this is a popular choice with professional pianists. To compare each of these options, please read on.

What’s Special about The Kawai GX Series?

To begin, let’s start with what the pianos in the Kawai GX Series have in common. All pianos benefit from the use of longer keys, with a stretcher over-lap integrated design (SOLID), which creates an exceptionally rigid foundation to support string tension. Here, the pinblock is fitted to the plate, and this element, along with the over-lapping stretcher bar are integrated into a single structure, solidly anchored to the rim. They are all constructed with steel-reinforced keyslips and keybed, using a V-pro plate. They offer a CORE system (Convergence for Optimum Reflected Energy, with the piano’s strength (the rim, plate and underside beams) focussed around a central point, offering a strong foundation in order to produce incredible tonal power and sustain. Additionally, they all include a vertically laminated treble bridge and hybrid inner rim.

The Kawai GX1

The first option in the series is the shortest in length, and width, with all pianos in this series being 102cm in height. Due to the smaller size, it weighs less and has 46 keys, as opposed to 54 keys. It included three back posts, but benefits from all the other features as the other grand pianos in this series.

The Kawai GX2

In the middle of the two other options, the Kawai GX2 is the medium-sized option, with a length of 180cm, and a width the same as the GX3 of 152cm. It weighs 10kg more than the GX1 and 10 kg less than the GX3 at 324kg. It is similar to the GX3 in that it has 54 keys, but similar to the GX1 in that it has three back posts.

The Kawai GX3

Lastly, the GX3 measures at 188cm in length, weighing 334kg. Other than its grand size, the main difference between the GX3 and the GX2 is the number of back posts, featuring one additional back post to give a total of four.

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