Essential piano accessories

Think all you need to start playing the piano is, well, a piano?

If only it were that simple.

When it comes to getting the most out of your instrument, it’s all about the accessories too.

Wondering what on earth you could need other than the piano itself, and maybe a stool? Here the experts at Richard Lawson Pianos take a look at some of the additional must-have items that should be top of your shopping list.


Piano accessories to enhance your playing


Probably the most essential piano accessory you can have. The steady click of a metronome helps players to maintain a consistent tempo – preventing the natural rush to speed up during bars you’ve mastered and the tendency to slow down when you hit trickier parts.


Pedal extenders

Perfect for youngsters or anyone who struggles to reach the pedals of a piano, pedal extenders do just that – extend the pedal!

Overstretching to reach the sustain pedal isn’t ideal, as it encourages bad posture and can be detrimental to your playing. A pedal extender works by simply sitting over the existing pedals. It doesn’t require any alterations to the piano itself and can simply be lifted off for players who don’t require it.


Piano stool

Sitting comfortably is essential for the long-term enjoyment of piano playing. From plush leather piano stools with room for two, to adjustable piano stools designed to work for every player, you’ll even find options that include built-in storage – the perfect place to keep sheet music.


Music light

Whether your main time for playing is in the evening or your piano is positioned in a dimly lit corner, squinting to read music just won’t do. Prevent eye strain and invest in a music light.

There are numerous options on the market from dimmable LED lights you simply clip to your music, to full-on lamps with sturdy bases and adjustable necks to ensure accurate positioning



Piano accessories to care for your instrument

Many piano accessories are more about looking after your instrument than playing it. But we’d argue the two go hand-in-hand – fail to take proper care of your piano and you won’t achieve the best from it when you play.

Here’s what you need:


Piano polish

Think you can perform and concentrate when your piano is covered in distracting finger marks and dust? You can’t!

Take pride in your piano and keep that buzz of showroom excitement by ensuring it stays looking shiny and new with specialist piano polish.

Look for a quality product that doesn’t contain alcohol or silicone and use with a microfibre cloth for optimum results.


Castor cups

Protect the feet of your piano – and your carpet! Castor cups can be used on any type of flooring but are particularly recommended if your piano sits on a hard floor, such as tiles or wood.

These clever little cups help to prevent movement and protect surfaces from scratches and damage. They can even help to reduce the indent left from the weight of a piano if it’s positioned on carpet.


Keyboard cover

People can be reluctant to cover piano keys but if you really want to protect your instrument then the need for a keyboard cover can’t be ignored.

Safeguarding from accidental spills, shielding from dust, and helping to maintain optimum temperature and humidity – a keyboard cover is a saviour and a valuable investment.

And there’s no need to worry about it detracting from the look of your instrument. There are numerous options on the market including everything from luxury leather covers to plush velvet.


Piano humidifier

Central heating is the enemy of the piano, sucking moisture from the surrounding environment. A piano humidifier is a simple but effective way to add that humidity back in.

By helping to stabilise the room’s atmosphere for your piano, a humidifier will reduce the risk of your piano falling out of tune.


Heat resistant carpet

An increasingly common problem for pianos – underfloor heating.

It may be a sought-after luxury for the contemporary home, but it’s far from a desirable feature for your instrument.

Rising hot air strips moisture from a piano, wreaking havoc with structural joins and – perhaps most importantly – the soundboard, causing tuning instability as a result.

But there is a solution – heat resistant carpet. Position directly under your piano – be it an upright or grand – and it will prevent the hot air from passing through, protecting it from heat damage.


All your piano needs

At Richard Lawson Pianos you’ll discover far more than just an impressive range of digital, upright and grand pianos. We stock a number of piano accessories too – including pedal extenders, stools and heat resistant carpets. And what we don’t stock, we will gladly offer advice on.

View our pianos and accessories now, or for help and information on looking after your piano and getting the most out of your instrument, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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