Introduction to learning the piano as an adult beginner

Learning to play the piano as an adult

Playing the piano as an adult can be daunting, especially if one has never played before. It may seem like an impossible task and something one has to start at an early age. But is it possible to learn to play the piano from scratch?

This question deserves a fair answer, and, in this article, we hope to inspire and reassure you with the following insights, written by our friends at the London Piano Institute.

Let us dive in and discover the truth about learning to play as an adult with no prior experience!

You have infinite ability and can accomplish (almost) anything you set your mind to – including learning the piano!

We often devalue our abilities and competencies when it comes to learning something new. For some absurd reason, our society has set limits and confinements whereby we are able to learn something as a child or even a teenager, but by the time we reach 20 or 30, it is basically the end of our learning life. The truth is… we can do almost anything we set our minds to!

Our fingers may, over time, lose a little dexterity as we get older, but, given enough time and practice, we can certainly play a huge array of highly challenging pieces. We have almost unlimited quantities of potential within our cognitive framework and piano playing is very, very much a mind-game.

Whilst it is even possible to become a pro concert pianist when starting at an older age, this article is aimed more at adults looking to learn the piano from scratch and achieve a solid level of performance.

You simply need outstanding piano lessons and a willingness to continue through tough times!

Learning the piano is no easy task. It is a complex instrument in which you have to play passages with both hands simultaneously; your hands will have to work independently and interdepend on each other. You have dynamics and lots of body control issues to deal with.

Learning the piano with an app is a possibility, but at this stage of the game, you really need in-person, face-to-face lessons to make significant progress, and your teacher will immediately be able to spot if you are doing something wrong.

In addition, learning to play the piano is as much a mind game as it is practising, and your teacher can encourage and help you through tricky times!

Be prepared for an enjoyable but at-times arduous journey ahead!

While learning to play the piano as an adult is a doable task, and anyone can do it, if you want to truly perform challenging piano works from scratch, be prepared: it is a long journey!

It will not happen overnight, and the phrase “he is an overnight 20-year success” comes to mind. Will it take 20 years? No, you can do it in less. But if you want to play pieces from grade 8 and beyond, you will need to carve out 5-10 years to accomplish this task. As Dinu Lipatti – a master Romanian pianist, said: “Time does not respect what is done without it”.

Can you learn to play the piano in just a few years if you aim at a more achievable level? Absolutely. Nice grade 4-5 pieces can be learned and performed roughly within 3-5 years from starting from scratch.

So get started, practice, and success will take care of itself!

Is it possible to shorten the journey with more time and effort?

The answer here would be a resounding yes!

If you can dedicate say a consistent hour or two each day to piano practice, then you will certainly be able to start complex pieces within two years.

Of course, the speed of progress will also be determined by your natural inclination to the instrument.

So, if you are passionate about learning and have tremendous energy and passion then you can make it happen. Just remember to take frequent breaks during your practice and pace yourself to avoid any practice-related injuries!

In conclusion:

You can absolutely learn to play the piano as a newbie adult pianist. It will take time and effort and an excellent education!

So, why not start this musical adventure and make your dreams come true? If you want an outstanding piano education of the highest calibre in London, why not try the London Piano Institute? We have brilliant teachers who specialise in adult education and will help you learn and master the piano.

We also host concerts and events so you can meet others like you in a social setting. (You need the encouragement of others who have walked the walk to help you walk it, too!)

Do not delay your passion. Take the first step and start your piano learning journey today!

Make your life count and follow your dreams!

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