CLP735 versus CLP745

Buying a piano can’t be rushed.

Even if you already know what type of piano you’re looking for and the brand you’re favouring, there are still decisions to be made picking between individual models. The smallest of features offered by one versus another might be perfect for some players but wrong for you. So it’s crucial to identify exactly what distinguishes one piano from another.

But identifying the differences between two models – especially from the same range – can be easier said than done.

Take the Yamaha CLP735 and the Yamaha CLP745, for instance.

Both are attractive digital pianos from Yamaha. Not only do they look virtually identical, but all bar a single digit in their title is the same too – making confusing the two easily done.

But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!

At Richard Lawson Pianos, our experts are always on hand to make sure you understand every aspect of what makes each of our pianos unique. Priding ourselves on ensuring you find the perfect instrument for your playing style, lifestyle, and budget.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the popular CLP735 and CLP745.


What type of piano are the Yamaha CLP735 and CLP745?

Made by distinguished manufacturer, Yamaha, the CLP735 and 745 are both excellent, entry-level digital pianos.

Part of the long-running – and much admired – Clavinova collection, any Yamaha starting with ‘CLP’ is a Clavinova.

Pianos within this range are hugely popular – and for good reason. Offering the many technological advances of a digital instrument, paired with unrivalled keyboard action, they deliver a dynamic, expansive and precise tone.


The similarities…

Before we assess the differences between these two pianos, let’s take a look at some of the features they share – starting with the impressive Yamaha GrandTouch-S keyboard.

Both the 735 and 745 boast this latest development in keyboard action, which allows every nuance of a performer’s playing to be expressed.

The control and sensitivity of these models successfully replicate the feel of a grand piano, thanks to something called the ‘escapement mechanism’ built into Clavinova keyboards.

Not sure what the escapement mechanism is? Allow us to explain.

In a grand piano, this is the quick movement of hammers away from strings once they have been hit, to prevent interference with vibrations. The action produces a slight clicking sensation when keys are pressed and the Clavinova range has been designed to replicate this sensation.

Other similarities between the CLP735 and CLP745 include:

  • As digital pianos, they can both be used with headphones – ideal to prevent any disturbance to those around you.
  • Controlled using a touch sensor panel.
  • Both have 38 voices (including 2 forte pianos) and 20 backing rhythms.
  • New CFX and Bösendorfer samples.
  • USB audio record function.
  • Identical dimensions – the CLP735 AND CLP745 are the most compact pianos in the Clavinova range after the CLP725.
  • Available in a choice of finishes including polished ebony, satin black, dark rosewood and white.

How do the CLP735 and CLP745 differ?

There’s no denying these pianos are closely related and offer many of the same impressive features.

However, to decide on the right one for you, it’s important to also understand their differences.


The Yamaha CLP735

As the slightly cheaper of the two, the CLP735 has plastic keys.

It also has two basic 30-Watt speakers, positioned on either side. So, whilst both models use the same samples and voices, the depth of sound does vary.


The Yamaha CLP745

Typically coming in at around £500 more than the 735, the 745 offers several additional features.

Rather than being plastic, the keys on this piano are wooden, making them realistic to the touch and more responsive. The wood allows playing energy to be transferred through the whole of the key, making each touch more powerful and easier to control.

The 745 also benefits from integrated Bluetooth, meaning you can hook up to smart devices wirelessly, play backing tracks, or connect to Yamaha’s Smart Pianist app – giving you increased control over sound and sensitivity.

Perhaps one of the most notable differences with the 745 though is the increase in amplification power, thanks to its two sets of 2-way 50-Watt speakers.


See the CLP735 and CLP745 in action

Keen to hear these pianos in action and find out more about the features they have on offer. Then why not watch our video showcasing both?

Don’t forget you can also make an appointment to visit our showroom and try them out for yourself.

Heard enough and already know which model is right for you? Then shop the Yamaha CLP735 and Yamaha CLP745 now.

In all honesty, we don’t believe you can go wrong with either of these fantastic pianos but remember – by buying from us, not only do you benefit from our expert knowledge and competitive prices, but we also offer a 30-day trial period.

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